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Glossary of Terms

Benefits of Bamboo Fabric

Why we like it:

Bamboo fiber is incredibly soft, strong and durable.
  • Spun rayon fibers of bamboo feel like silk
  • Bamboo fiber is created as a monofilament yarn with no short strands to break or pill
The naturally porous fiber is more absorbent than other textiles.
  • Moisture is instantly wicked away from the body
  • The fiber dries very quickly
  • Bamboo products stay fresher, longer
Bamboo adapts to your body’s temperature.
  • Cool in Summer, warm in Winter
The fibers have natural antibacterial properties.
  • Greatly discourages formation of bacteria
  • Retards formation of fungus, such as mildew
  • Beneficial for allergy sensitive
Why it likes us:

Bamboo fiber is a fantastic sustainable resource.
  • Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth
  • It is raised without fertilizers or pesticides
  • Planting bamboo improves soil and air quality
  • Fibers are 100% biodegradable

Our Bamboo products feel wonderful and benefit the environment. They just make good sense.

Never use fabric softeners or bleaches on bamboo products as they damage the strength and absorbency of the fiber.