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Gift Cards

We'll send a gift card in the amount you request to anyone you like. Search for "Gift Card" by key phrase in the Search box. Send a gift card, today.

Send a gift card

Gift cards will include a current catalog.

No shipping is charged for gift cards. Discount key numbers do not apply to the purchase of gift cards.

Redeem a gift card

Gift cards are numbered and can be redeemed online, over the phone and in the store.

What is the balance on my gift card?

Check the remaining balance on your gift card.

Lost or stolen?

We cannot replace a lost or stolen card unless you

    • Present an original receipt at the store.
    • Have the packing slip and contact our call center at 1-800-240-7076.
    • Have your shipment confirmation e-mail and e-mail us.

      We will issue a replacement card for the remaining balance only.