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Promo Codes & Discounts

If you should receive an error message when entering your Promo Code, please verify you entered the Promo Code correctly. Please note: some of our promotions are valid only on our Outlet site. If after verifying the code, your Promo Code still shows as invalid, please e-mail us us for assistance.

Special promotional or discount codes will be applied to the order subtotal amount (i.e., before tax and shipping charges).

Where do I enter my discount coupon?

Enter your discount coupon on the Payment & Review page under the Pay with a Gift Card, Coupon or Merchandise Credit section. Please enter your discount coupon first when using multiple methods of payment. A discount coupon is 10 digits long.

Do you offer any promotions or coupons?

Soft Surroundings wants to help you celebrate!  Receive a birthday gift coupon from Soft Surroundings when you tell us your birthday month.  Soft Surroundings also sends a coupon on the anniversary of your first purchase with us.