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Cailyn Flat Blending Brush

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iCone Makeup Brushes by Cailyn: Get Brushed with Greatness
Artisan-crafted collection of professional makeup brushes flawlessly covers all the curves and corners of your face (lips, eyes and cheeks) with foundation, color and contouring for a luminous, camera-ready complexion. Ultra-soft, cashmere-like bristles atop an innovative, magnetized steel stand keeps brushes clean, organized and perfectly shaped... always.

Blend to your will.

Large, flat head brush beautifully blends powder shadows and highlighters for a flawless finish, just as you wished.
· Brush 5 (Eyeshadow) in Cailyn's iCone professional collection.
· Ultra-soft bristles with a cashmere-like touch.
· Magnetized steel stand keeps brushes clean, organized and perfectly shaped.