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Monogram Etiquette
Monograms for an individual

Traditional 3 letter monogram is easily used in this instance, using the person's first, middle, and last name. If the monogram is for a married woman, it is traditional to substitute her maiden name for her middle, if known. For example, Robin Lord Sheldon would be RLS. If it is a 3 letter monogram where the center letter is larger than the letters to the left and right, the order for Robin Lord Sheldon would be RSL (the initial to the last name would be in the middle).

If the person does not have a middle name, it is traditional to use only 2 letters in the monogram, i.e. RS for Robin Sheldon.

For couples with the same last name

Traditional 3- letter monogram is the most classic. The wife's first initial is always first on all soft goods. For example, if you are monogramming hand towels for the newly married Robin and Jim Sheldon. You would use the order of RSJ.

For a family

An elegant option (where possible) is to spell out the family's entire last name, i.e. the Sheldons, or just a single large initial for their last name.

For couples with different last names or hyphenated last names

The traditional 3 letter monogram does not work in this instance. An excellent option is limit the monogram to only 2 letters, using both last names in the order of the couples preference.

Thread Color Choices

For a subtle, classic monogram, we also offer tonal thread.

Thread Colors
Monogram Styles