The Color-To-Go Product You’ll Never Leave Home Without

By on March 19, 2018, in Beauty Knowledge Center, Cosmetics, Hair

Pesky roots and those thin, broken baby fuzzies around the hairline are one of the first things people see when they look at you. When I realized how much those two beauty saboteurs can age us beyond our years, I became positively obsessed with the idea of creating a way to quickly fill in these areas with a precise, no-mess application that you could do anywhere, anytime!

That’s how we created the world’s first Hairliner™: The Truhair Color & Lift To Go is a precision applicator made for targeting those problem sections.

This product is for anyone who wants to conceal gray hair, thinning areas or other-color roots and can extend the time between salon color treatments. Because of our top-secret thickening-fibers formula, our Hairliner™ not only helps out with your color issues but it makes your hair appear thicker and fuller. I’m always reminding women that even if roots aren’t a problem, our Color & Lift To Go powder can also help with parts that are starting to show more scalp than hair. The same goes for your hairline. Whether it is cosmetic or corrective, you can create a fuller and filled-in hairline with the Hairliner™. And because we offer so many different shades, the powder color looks entirely natural.

OK, so all that’s great, right? But it wouldn’t be great if it were a hassle to apply. We worked hard to make sure our precision Hairliner™ is made of mess-free pressed powder and has a sponge applicator that’s perfect for touching up small areas, allowing you to get the product exactly where you need it, without creating a powder pile all around you. The secret is that the pressed powder is actually kept in the cap for no-mess application. And at about the same size as your mascara, it’s designed to be the perfect size to easily throw into your bag.

Aren’t you glad I became obsessed?

Chelsea Scott
Founder & CCO
TRUHAIR By Chelsea Scott