Fall Fragrances You Must Try

By on November 6, 2018, in Home and Furniture

Fall is a time of transition: The kids return to school, the days get shorter, and the temperature begins to drop. For many of us, fall is a good time to make some changes in preparation for the winter ahead. This can mean buying new clothes, updating your home’s decor and, perhaps, switching up your personal and home scents.

Fall Scents
What makes a fall scent different from what you’ve been enjoying all summer? Many people would say that the scents of autumn are warmer, deeper, spicier, and richer. While your favorite summer scents may have incorporated light floral and citrus notes, a signature fragrance for fall may incorporate notes of patchouli, amber, leather, tobacco, and sandalwood.

Personal Fragrances
Our buyers are constantly scouring the globe seeking the best fragrances for women. This means that our collection includes offerings from the top women perfume makers in the word. Some of our brands are easily recognizable, while others are exclusive to us.

This fall, our scent collection includes:

Rose Moroc & Baie Eau de Parfum: If you love fruits and florals, but want to wear something a bit deeper this fall, explore this blend of rose, raspberry, orange, sandalwood, leather and other precious scents.

L. Eau de Parfum: If rich intensity is your style, this heady brew of tobacco and black honey is sure to please. Ylang ylang, citrus, vanilla, and patchouli round out this distinctive fragrance.

Home Fragrances
Our home fragrances come in several forms, so you can choose to scent your home in the way that best suits your lifestyle. Scents, sachets, candles, and diffusers include:

Reed diffusers: At first glance, reed diffusers look like incense sticks. It’s only after a closer examination that you realize that the “reeds” have no scent at all. Instead, these wooden sticks are inserted in a decorative bottle filled with fragrant oil. The reeds draw up the fragrance, safely filling your home with the scent of your choosing. Both Nest and Rosy Rings diffusers offer lovely fall scents.

Wax sachets: Our friends at Rosy Rings have crafted beautiful wax scent sachets, embedded with beautiful flowers, twigs, and other botanicals for visual interest. The “Forest” scent is particularly lovely as an autumn home fragrance.

Scented candles: Candles add a warm glow to a room and many of our customers incorporate them into their household decor. Fragrances from Nest and Rosy Rings are available in candle form.

Are you planning to switch up your personal or household fragrances this fall? Share your plans with us in the comments!


  • Linda

    I recently bought the At Home diffuser and love it! So, of course, the refills are no longer available. Are you just out of product, or no longer going to carry it? I don’t want something else; I want the At Home diffuser refills. What am I supposed to do when my little white flower runs out? Sadness and disappointment….sigh….

    • Olivia G. Bleeker

      Hi Linda, thank you so much for your comment. Yes, in fact we do still carry the refills for the At Home Diffuser. We want you to enjoy the little white flower and it’s amazing scents for as long as possible. The link is below! http://bit.ly/2rEmSJG

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