Well·Aging the Skin through Topical Fasting

By on November 11, 2018, in Beauty Knowledge Center

Born along the Mediterranean in Spain and at the hands of two accomplished veterans of the beauty industry – Begoña Sanjuan (a master aesthetician and beauty guru) and Dr. Isabel Ramos (a cosmetic chemist and expert in green science) – Ayuna · Less Is Beauty is an eco-luxury collection that provides an entirely new approach to skincare:

Topical Fasting – A Reset for the Skin

Dr. Isabel Ramos, formulator and scientist behind Ayuna, shares, “Currently, the cosmetics industry is trapped in a never-ending race to offer ‘more’: more products and components, higher concentrations to stimulate the skin’s metabolism and more exotic ingredients. This search for ‘more’ can be counterproductive and, ultimately, lead to consumer frustration.” Instead, Ayuna shifts away from the conventional, staying true to its Less Is Beauty philosophy, and offers an approach to resets the skin through Topical Fasting.

The basis for topical fasting (or cosmetic fasting) is the same as oral fasting: when we eliminate overstimulation, limit the intake and follow a balanced diet, our own repair and regeneration mechanisms immediately kick-in. However, when we overstimulate through food or cosmetics, these mechanisms are blocked.

Topical fasting takes a step back from the industry’s common practice of offering “more ingredients” at “higher” concentrations and, instead, focuses on providing the skin with only and precisely what it needs to achieve global rejuvenation and Well·Aging benefits, including improvement to skin texture, elasticity, wrinkles, dark spots and redness.

How to incorporate Topical Fasting?

Topical Fasting can be treated as a lifestyle regime, performed daily for optimal skin rejuvenation, or as a reset regime, performed intermittently to boost skin function and kick start its self-repairing mechanisms.

As a reset regime incorporate Topical Fasting during specific periods, for example: one day out of the week, one week out of the month, or several weeks out of the season.

Topical Fasting at Soft Surroundings

Ayuna’s collection of Topical Fasting products are now available at Soft Surroundings. The collection is 100% natural, non-toxic, sustainability formulated and developed at the forefront of green technology to bridge the gap between natural and luxury, high-performing cosmetics.

True to Ayuna’s Less is Beauty philosophy and Topical Fasting approach, the collection offers a simple regime, including: SOAP – Nourishing Artisan SOAP (cleanser), ESSENCE – High Protein Cream-in-Oil Peel (exfoliant), BALM – Volcanic Revitalizing Mask (mask) and CREAM – Natural Rejuvenating Treatment (treatment cream offered in two textures – rich and light).