Beauty Products to Hydrate Your Dry Winter Skin

By on December 10, 2018, in Beauty Knowledge Center

For many of us, winter comes with mixed feelings. While we may look forward to holiday celebrations and the beauty of fresh-fallen snow, we also know that the season’s dry, cold air can wreak havoc on our skin. Fortunately, there are several things we can do to keep our skin soft, smooth, bright and comfortable during the winter months.

Why Winter is so Hard on Skin
Many women notice changes in their skin during the winter months. These changes may include:

1) A dry or tight feeling
2) Redness and chapping
3) Facial lines that become more noticeable
4) Skin looks dull and tired

Colder temperatures are typically accompanied by low humidity, which contributes to dryness. In addition, central heating, while keeping us comfortable, can also contribute to dehydration. Whether indoors or outdoors, our skin is fighting a losing battle against environmental factors that contribute to dryness.

What Helps Dry Skin in Winter
Addressing dry winter skin is usually a matter of making a few simple lifestyle adjustments, at least until spring arrives:

Stay hydrated: Staying hydrated benefits your entire body, including your skin. Be careful with alcoholic beverages: While this can be the season for indulgence, alcohol is a known diuretic and can aggravate rosacea. Caffeine in moderation appears to be OK, but water is usually your best bet.

Humidify your home: Humidifiers can keep the air in your home from getting too dry.

Eat well, sleep well: Lack of sleep and poor eating habits take their toll on your skin. Take the time to plan healthy meals and get enough sleep.

Watch those shower temperatures: Yes, a long, hot, steamy shower can feel wonderful on a cold day, but temperature extremes can actually strip oils from your skin and contribute to dryness. Opt for shorter showers at lower temperatures.

Skin Care Products That Can Help

In addition to good self-care, there are some products that can help keep your skin looking and feeling great. Keep in mind that the excellent moisture or treatment product that you use in warmer months may not be as effective in the winter. As the seasons change, don’t be afraid to revamp your skincare regimen to include skin care products that provide some extra moisture to thirsty skin.

In fact, as you consider your winter skin options, selecting a good moisturizer for dry skin is a priority: Anti-Aging Intensive Moisturizer by VENeffect is one of our best sellers, particularly beloved for its ability to hydrate, soften and brighten skin. It is also scent-free, gluten-free and paraben-free.

You may also want to consider adding a weekly sheet mask to your cold-weather beauty routine. The advantage of a sheet mask is that it holds treatment products on your skin, ensuring maximum absorption. We offer a selection that includes deep hydration and collagen boosting formulas.

What does your winter skin recovery routine look like? Do you have any favorite treatments or products? Let us know in the comments!