How to Style Your Home Based on Your Style

By on January 21, 2019, in Home and Furniture

One of the ways that we express ourselves is through style, particularly in the way we dress and decorate our homes. With each garment we wear, or piece of furniture we choose, our style tells everyone something about us. Whether we opt for soft, romantic clothing, bright bohemian styles with lots of embellishments, or simple garments made from high-quality fabrics in neutral colors, we project our personality to everyone we encounter.

The same holds true for home styles. In fact, our homes may not truly feel like “home” until we’ve had a chance to personalize our living spaces. While there are many different decor styles, two that remain popular are country and modern.

Country Style

Country style décor is noted for it’s mix-and-match approach to furniture, window treatments, and decorative pieces. Furniture is often rustic in appearance, sometimes with distressed or crackled finishes. Colors often have a “toned down” quality to them: Think of off-white, rose, pumpkin and sage green. Window treatments are extremely important in country style homes, and may feature multiple layers of drapes and curtains.

A country style home may also take inspiration from other cultures. A French country look may incorporate mixed patterns, ivory or other neutral colors, and an assortment of pieces such as vases, vintage mirrors, and floral arrangements. Tuscan decor, on the other hand, tends to feature richer colors, and a lot of natural materials, such as wood or stone. British country home decor is once again something different and often features potted plants, lots of books, and tufted country furniture.

Modern Style

Modern decor, on the other hand, is simpler, although certainly not boring. The style came into its own in the 20th century, and its inspiration comes in German and Scandinavian aesthetics. Modern decor favors strong, straight lines and its palette relies on natural or neutral colors.

This style of decor is often functional. Instead of heaps of decorated pillows or charming figurines on shelves and tables, a modern room may feature one or two shams and a vase that holds flowers. Windows may be unadorned, with simple blinds used for privacy. In fact, natural light is often a major feature of modern homes. Artwork is likewise simple, typically paintings or sculptures from the 20th century. Bedding and comforters are chosen for warmth and comfort and are made from sturdy fabrics.

What type of decor best expresses your style? Tell us about it in the comments.