SCALISI MAGIC Face Treatment

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“Could this be the best cream ever made?” SCALISI MAGIC Face Treatment
by Jill Scalisi, Founder

Many people ask, “What is SCALISI, why is it different, and how does it work?” I created SCALISI after being diagnosed with skin cancer and not being satisfied with any of the products available on the market. So, I decided to make my own line, one that would combine everything I was looking for but couldn’t find.

I took my passion for science along with the need for safe, cutting edge, luxurious and efficacious ingredients, 5 years of research and development and more than 2 years of formulation to create SCALISI.

What is Naturally Scientific Skincare?

Our unique combination of active ingredients trigger the brain into thinking that a wrinkle is a wound and the body responds by doing what it does naturally. It heals itself by using our proprietary blend of peptides, protein inhibitors, anti-inflammatory agents, botanicals and vitamins, it will leave your skin looking better than you ever imagined!

Why SCALISI is Different?

By combining the best of science, beauty and natural ingredients, we make highly effective skincare products that deliver fast results. Our products are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. We are 100% free from: Parabens, Phthalates, Gluten, Sodium Laurel Sulfate, Triclosan, Retinol, Oxybenzone and Hydroquinone. We are Cruelty Free: with No Animal Testing and No Animal Ingredients.

SCALISI MAGIC Face Treatment

SCALISI MAGIC, formerly called Bob’s Cream, is a rich repair cream that is clinically proven to reverse the look of damaged skin. The cream, designed for both men and women, brightens and instantly transforms the skin with intense hydration so the skin is left magically softer and smoother!

SCALISI MAGIC was originated by a team of scientists studying how to accelerate the healing process and how to prevent skin damage. Before I met these scientists, it was under development for 8 years.

We decided to work together to merge our two technologies and to use this as an opportunity to introduce a new proprietary brightening ingredient. It then took three years to stabilize the formula because it had so many active ingredients. In total, it took over 10 years to bring SCALISI MAGIC to market.

What does SCALISI MAGIC do?

I say it does everything except walk your dog at night because it really does everything you are looking for. Here is a summary of what is in MAGIC and what it does:

1. EVENING PRIMROSE, PEA AND BAMBOO EXTRACTS – these botanicals contain vital amino acids & proteins and help to support collagen and elastin production.

2. SODIUM HYALURONATE CROSSPOLYMER – five times stronger than hyaluronic acid, provides a surge in hydration and locks in moisture.

3. VITAMINS B, C, E & F. Vitamin B: anti-inflammation, healing and moisturizing, Vitamin C: anti-inflammation, antioxidant, lightens & brightens, Vitamin E: antioxidant, protecting & healing, Vitamin F: anti-inflammation & soothing.

4. COENZYME Q10 energizes the skin, reverses the look of skin aging.

5. PROTEINS & ADVANCED PEPTIDES – activates the skin to rebuild and regenerate for visible repair.

6. BRIGHTENING COMPLEX – brightens, lightens and reduces the look of brown spots.


SCALISI MAGIC is a daily moisturizing treatment. It can also be used to soothe and reduce the look of redness and inflammation post cosmetic procedures, sunburns or anything that would cause your skin to react or get red.

Always start with clean skin. Rub SCALISI MAGIC between your fingers so it melts, then apply both AM and/or PM. Men: if you have a beard, use a generous amount, apply over beard and work into your skin.

SCALISI MAGIC can be used on normal, dry and oily skin. Here is how we suggest you use it depending on how your skin feels that day:

Dry Skin: Morning Regimen – use all over | Evening Regimen – use all over

Normal Skin: Morning Regimen -use sparingly as needed | Evening Regimen – use all over

Oily Skin: Morning Regimen – use as a targeted treatment | Evening Regimen – use all over

SCALISI MAGIC has been featured in Vogue, Allure, Vanity Fair, Marie Claire and American Spa Magazines and is recommended by doctors including cosmetic surgeons and OB/Gyn’s. Any questions or comments, we would love to hear from you!