How to Relax and Turn Your Home Into a Staycation Destination

By on March 27, 2019, in Relaxation

Taking a vacation doesn’t always mean traveling. While visiting a new city or country can be a great deal of fun, doing so is not always feasible, nor is it always relaxing. If what you need is some quality downtime, taking a staycation, maybe your best option.

Relaxing at Home

The concept behind a “staycation” is simple: You stay at home, but don’t follow your usual routine. Instead, you plan for, and enjoy, relaxation, entertainment, and indulgences. The trick to a successful staycation is committing to taking care of yourself rather than drifting back into workaday life. Here are some of our favorite staycation ideas:

1. Clear your schedule: One to decide on the dates of your staycation, clear your schedule for that period of time. Plan to take a break from social media, let friends and family know that you may be slow to answer calls and texts and wrap up any projects so that you won’t have them hanging over you during your time off.

2. Pick some activities: Make a list of things that you would like to do and see in your area. These could include museums, galleries, theater productions and other attractions that you’ve always been meaning to get to. Take at least one activity for each day of your staycation and consider purchasing tickets in advance so that you will be more inclined to actually follow up on your plans.

3. Plan meals ahead of time: Minimize stress during your staycation by planning meals in advance. If you plan to eat at home most of the time, consider cooking some easily reheated meals in advance so that you spend as little time as possible in the kitchen.

4. Dress for relaxation: You may not be at a resort, but that doesn’t mean that you have to wear everyday clothing, either. Our classic chenille robe is incredibly soft and is a wonderful option for keeping warm and comfortable.

5. Stay healthy: Use this time to reset some of your less-than-healthy habits by adopting new and positive routines. Begin your day with stretching and exercise and consider adding some new wellness products to your self-care regimen, such as targeted nutritional supplements.

6. Indulge in at least one treatment per day: Enjoy at least one treatment per day either at home or at a local day spa. These might include aromatherapy baths, pedicures and manicures, or even a massage.

Ultimately, taking a staycation is about you and your needs. Treat yourself to time off that allows you to rest, unwind and pursue the things that make you happy. Have you ever taken a staycation? Share your experiences in the comments section.


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      Hello Kathy!
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