The Future of Beauty – MesoLyft

By on April 15, 2019, in Beauty Knowledge Center

MesoLyft is the future of beauty industry. It is the only product on the planet that combines beauty tool (airless pump with micro-needling tip) with clean area-specific serums. Patented technology allows product to penetrate faster deeper and achieve instant results.

This very clever and effective product is so easy and convenient to use on the go at home, it’s like you are having a mini-spa treatment at a fraction of the cost! The best thing about it is fast results. Everyone promises a miracle, but not everyone can back it up with science like MesoLyft! Clean potent ingredients in concentrated serum form are massaged into your skin with gentle micro-needling applicator to plump lips, lighten pigmentation, and erase wrinkles around the eyes and neck.

In this day and age of big lips being in fashion, not everyone is ready for filler injections. MesoLyft Lip offers enhancing lip volume gently, hydrating lips and reducing appearance of wrinkles. It has Mango butter, Aloe vera, and silikones to hydrate and plump even the most dehydrated lips.

Eyelid skin is the most susceptible to wrinkles and shows age first. If you’re not ready for Botox just yet or if you have already tried it, MesoLyft Eye Renewal prevents and treats fine lines around the eyes. Argireline is a plant-derived Botox-like peptide that instantly relaxes wrinkles. Gingko biloba reduces inflammation. Vitamins A and C stimulate new collagen over time.

At some point of our lives most of us will encounter dark spots and freckles. They look cute on most, but if you want to lighten them MesoLyft Skin is one of the few natural products that can help you. It has only natural plant-derived ingredients like Papaya and Guava extracts, Kojic acid and licorice that work on different levels of pigment producing pathway. Some gently exfoliate, some block production of new pigment, some lighten freckles and spots.

Neck can tell the age even if the face looks young. How often have you seen women with young faces but older necks? You can treat your neck fine lines and improve overall texture with MesoLyft Neck Renewal. Dill extract and Vitamin E stimulate collagen production. All products are improving the texture and complexion of skin. They certainly don’t replace medical spa procedures like laser treatments or injectables, but they can prolong the results of your procedures and are part of every-day maintenance. Serums are much more concentrated than creams. That means that they are packed with skin-changing ingredients. You can look at them as a “treat” for your skin, a cocktail of vitamins and enzymes that improve the appearance.

You can easily incorporate MesoLyft serums into your daily skincare routine. After you wash and pat dry your face pump the serum onto the applicator and roll back and forth on affected area. Follow with your night cream for best results.

We are proud to say we have never tested our products on animals. Our formulas were developed by a biochemist, who’s very passionate about clean toxin-free skincare. All formulations were tested on many clients of our clinic, who reported great results, no irritation of the skin, and overall very pleasant experience. A lot of people were happy that there are no fragrances or colors added and products are hypoallergenic. Our micro-needling rollers were designed to gently massage the product through the epidermis into the dermis, but to avoid damage and trauma of the skin. The material used for the roller is FDA approved and is safe for using on the skin.

The skincare line was developed by a medical professional, a Physician Assistant with years of experience in Dermatology, Plastic Surgery and a former trainer for Valeant Pharmaceuticals and Galderma. We have worked with several Dermatologists, who loved and supported our products and recommended it on their site.

We are very proud to say that our micro-needling tip and serums are made in the USA (Boston and New York respectively) and have passed multiple quality control tests.

We have another serum in the works to make your skin glow and infuse it with hyaluronic acid. We also have soothing anti-aging creams for eyes, face, and neck developed by the same bio-chemist on our team. Lastly, we keep working on improving current serum formulas and will soon surprise you with even better results!

In the whole universe of skincare products MesoLyft holds the promise of clean and natural ingredients and the most innovative technology to improve your skin!