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Please enjoy the story of the Amazing Cosmetics Hydrate Concealer, written by their company’s co-founder, Lisa Thurman.

Why do I love the AmazingConcealer Hydrate stick? Well, after becoming known for our hero, the AMAZINGCONCEALER®, many moons ago and practically creating the concealer category my partner and co-founder, Sue Katz and I, thought maybe it was time that we formulate a worthy sister product. One that wouldn’t compete yet offer something as powerful as the hero while addressing important but different needs. All in a slick and sexy vessel. Our fans were clamoring for an easy-to-use concealer that they could pull out of their purse, pocket or wherever and poof – in one clean sweep make any imperfection disappear.

We loved the heavy weight of the container and the lux design that fits perfectly in your hand. The size is ideal for on-the-go touch-ups. One of our signature brand colors has always been the striking pink that we have incorporated into all our packaging and marketing, so it was a no-brainer to use it for HYDRATE. Plus, it photographs like nobody’s business.

The formula was another matter altogether. We knew our fans would be comparing it to the hero but like previously mentioned, they wanted something a little different. Besides switching up the delivery method from tube to stick we knew it had to be moisturizing but that we had to dial back the pigment load a tad yet still have it cover spots and under eye circles. Whew, we know, that’s a lot. But you’re worth it! Another benefit to this baby is that you can draw streaks of it all over the face and using a damp makeup sponge, pat into the skin where you voilà, achieve a fabulous foundation finish.

As well as functioning as a concealer and foundation, HYDRATE can be used for just-like-the-pros contouring results without all the work by using a darker shade. We pride ourselves on creating formulas that can function in more than one capacity. Hey, we’re consumers too and whenever we find extra value, we get super excited!

Finally let’s talk about how season-less HYDRATE is. It’s so beautifully moisturizing during the long, insufferable winter months (can you tell I’m from Chicago?) but lightweight and natural feeling during the hot, humid summer months (Chicago, I’m still talking about you!). This is an all-around beauty of a product that we basically can’t find anything wrong with. Okay, we’re a little biased but we’ve got so many fans that love it too that they can’t all be wrong can they?

In closing we’re beyond proud of this formula and all of our formulas. We have a pretty edited line and that’s because not only do we take great care any time we bring a product to market; we also recognize the continued saturation of the beauty space so we work hard to be thoughtful about our assortment and truly take the long view on listening to what our customers really want and need. Then we roll our sleeves up, saddle up to the chemist bench, and begin formulating!


  • Drea

    I love the way Hydrate feels on my skin and how light weight it is yet still covers my dark under eye circles!

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