Cute Women’s Tankinis for the Summer

By on August 8, 2019, in Fashion Trends, My Style Profiles

Warm weather is here, which means that many of us are spending time on the beach or by the pool. If you aren’t happy with your current swimwear wardrobe, it may be time to invest in a new bathing suit. If you’re having difficulty making up your mind about whether you want to go with a one-piece or two-piece, we have another option for you: The Tankini.

The idea behind the tankini is straightforward: instead of the bikini, which doesn’t provide much coverage, the tankini is a two-part swimsuit consisting of both a top and bottom half. The top half is a tank top that typically incorporates a built-in bra and may even have adjustable straps. The bottom may resemble that of a high-rise bathing suit, or it may be a skirt or a longer pair of shorts.

Women often prefer this type of swimsuit for many reasons:

1. The longer top half provides more coverage over the torso and tummy, which is important to many women. Sliming tankinis even provide some tummy control and may feature ruching, which contributes to the slimming effect.

2. Many women are larger on the bottom than they are on top, or vice versa. Some tankinis are sold as separates, so you can ensure a perfect fit for your body.

3. Swimwear separates allow you to mix-and-match tops and bottoms to create new looks. Choose pieces in different colors, styles, and patterns so that you’ll always look fresh no matter how often you hit the beach or go for a swim.

We offer a full range of tankini separates, including briefs, shorts, and swim skirts. This is in addition to traditional coverups, sandals, and sunscreens that can keep you feeling great and looking good all summer long.

Have you ever tried to mix and match a tankini? Let us know what you think in the comments!