Transitional Dressing: Linen Is In for Fall

By on September 18, 2019, in Fashion Trends

Fall is a transitional season, particularly when it comes to fashion. While the days may be shorter, the temperature has a mind of its own. This means that summertime fabrics and styles may be perfectly appropriate on some days while you might be inclined to bundle up on others. If you like linen, but you aren’t sure if it’s an appropriate textile for autumn, read on for some tips for making this wonderful fabric work for you.

Linen: The “Flax-ible” Fiber

Linen is a fiber made from flax. It has been in use for millennia and was even used in ancient Egypt for the wrapping of mummies. Because it is lightweight, crisp and breathable, it is a go-to material for summer clothing, including suits, dresses and separates.

Still, the linen can also be a fall fashion staple. The key is the design of linen garments as well as whether the linen itself is blended with other fibers, such as rayon. A linen blend gives the fabric more heft and texture, making it suitable for autumn wear. For example, many linen jackets for women are blended with other fibers to provide more protection against wind and rain.

Fall Linen Clothes for Women

When choosing fall linen clothes for women consider incorporating linen blends into outfits, or pairing linen pieces with garments made with other fibers. For example, pair linen pants for women with a cotton shirt and light wool-blend cardigan for a comfortable, seasonally appropriate look.

Linen Care and Upkeep

One concern that many people have when wearing linen is wrinkling. In fact, there is no getting around the fact that linen creases very easily. Most fashionistas understand that wrinkling is a characteristic of linen and don’t worry too much about it. However, if you are uncomfortable with the rumpled look, you could try using a steamer or an iron with the steam on high to deal with the worst of the creases.

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