10 Ways to Style a Scarf

By on November 6, 2019, in Fashion Trends

Scarves have a lot of style potential, more than meets the eye. Over the years, you most likely have collected them as gifts or picked up a few yourself. Draping it around your neck in a traditional fashion is lovely… but there’s definitely more that you can do! You don’t have to be a master knot-smith either. With a simple tie or twist, you can create a whole new look. Learn how to fold a scarf to create new shapes as well as different placements. Below are 10 ways to wear this stylish accessory.

Infinity Scarf

Infinity shape is a fresh way to style your scarf. It creates a billowy collar, so it’s wonderful for showing off the color and design of your favorite scarf. It’s called “infinity” because it appears as an endless loop, but you can create the effect by tying the ends. Fold the scarf in half and drape around your neck with both of the ends hanging down your torso. Tie two of the end corners together in a knot and repeat for the other corners. You should now have a loop that you can bring up around your neck.

Belted Scarf

For a sophisticated, structured scarf look, try this style that incorporates a belt. A belted scarf has the effect of a vest but without the bulk. To keep it streamlined, use a silk scarf or another lightweight material. This configuration looks stunning over a dress, and for really chilly days you can even layer over a cardigan. Simply drape a long, medium-width scarf over your shoulders, with the ends resting down your front. Use a thin belt and fasten around your natural waist. Scarf will be fitted at the torso and flowing at the ends.


For a chic springtime look, wear a scarf that’s braided around the neck. Long, narrow scarves work well, and a lightweight or gauzy material will create a delicate accessory. It’s a unique style that’s a conversation starter.
Drape the scarf around your neck and down your front. Tie a half knot and then braid the rest of the scarf. Tuck the ends under the loop around your neck.

Wrist Wrap

Why should scarves be exclusive to the neck area? Try wearing it around your wrist like a bracelet. This is a creative way to repurpose a scarf you’ve owned for years but still want to wear. A lightweight scarf works well and will provide the flexibility you need. Wear with a white button-down blouse, or add polish to your jeans and T-shirt look. The look is simple: just wrap around the wrist and tie in place. This option also keeps a scarf handy while you’re on the go: If you end up in an unexpected downpour, you can quickly untie the scarf and use it to cover your hair.

Scarf Necklace

Use a scarf to make a statement necklace. For some glimmer, utilize a scarf that has metallic threads or one with a glossy sheen. A scarf necklace is an elegant finish to complete a monochromatic outfit. Tie the scarf in three knots. Tie in the back to secure and you have a classy necklace that creates a beautiful frame for your face.

Blanket Scarf

A blanket scarf is a handsome look that you’ll love to wear during the colder months. It’s time to pull out the flannels and wool fabrics. Get cozy by wearing it as a top layer over a blazer or cardigan. If you wear a lot of dark neutrals in the winter, this is your chance to spice things up with color and pattern. Drape a scarf over your shoulders as you would a shawl. If the scarf is a large square, fold it on the diagonal before draping.

Back Drop

Add dramatic flair with the “back drop.” It’s versatile enough to work with different scarf fabrics. For some glamour, try a chiffon scarf to float behind you. It’s a sophisticated look that keeps scarf ends out of your way while typing, working, or walking around town. Start with a longer scarf. Drape the scarf from your neck so that the ends hang down your front. Next, pull the right end over your left shoulder. Repeat for the other side.

Front Tie

A front tie is classic and looks lovely with both your lightweight and chunky knit scarves. From work to a dinner out, it’s one of the fastest and easiest options to have fun with. Drape the scarf over your shoulders so that both ends rest on your torso. Cross the ends and tie them. Adjust as necessary for a clean, natural look.

Faux Shrug

A shrug is a cute, fitted sweater, and you can easily turn a scarf into one. This is handy when you want that extra something to cover your arms. Instead of wearing a bulky sweater, you can wear your silk blouses and have this extra layer to save you from the chill. Start with a large scarf. Drape over your shoulders and spread out to cover the top part of your arms. Grab an end with each hand and tie behind your back to secure.

Pull Through

The “pull-through” method creates a layered effect. Choose a flowy scarf to add romance and elegance to your ensemble. Fold your scarf in half. Drape it sideways over the back of your neck. Hold the ends together and pull them through the loop on the other side. You’ll have a snug, textured collar circling the neck, with the ends draping down.

Scarves offer an array of patterns, colors, and textures. They’re too pretty to sit around your closet. Give them another chance or check out our scarf section for more inspiration. Play with a few of these ways to wear a scarf to enhance your wardrobe for any season.


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