How to Choose the Perfect Throw Pillow

By on November 12, 2019, in Bedding, Holiday, Home and Furniture

Throw pillows are the ultimate accessory. The home accents create a comfortable-looking environment and they easily transform a space with color and texture. You might want to liven up a couch, window seat, chair, or bedroom, but don’t know where to start. With so many options and styles out there, here’s a quick guide to help you choose the perfect throw pillow.

Choosing a Throw Pillow Color

Assess your space and determine a color palette. You probably already have a theme happening with your furniture, wall color, and other decor. There are different directions you can take: keep it tonal by blending pillows with what you have, or add contrast for a dynamic pop of color. You can also pick an accent provided by an area rug or art piece and continue the theme. The fun part is that you can switch them out in a snap! Rotate decorative pillows from season to season, replacing vibrant pastels to rich autumn colors or holiday themes in the winter.

Best Throw Pillow Patterns

Have your palette? Good – now think about pattern. It’s fine to stick with solid colors, but mixing in stripes, floral, chevron, text, etc. adds depth and interest. Funny throw pillows and pillows with pictures can also be applied here.

Pillow Shape and Size

If you’re integrating multiple patterns, choose different sizes (for example, mix a large striped square, a medium solid, and a small floral-patterned rectangle). Other throw pillow shapes include circle, lumbar (small, long, rectangular shape) and bolster (cylinder shape). If that’s too overwhelming, sticking with squares and rectangles is beautiful for a clean look. A lumbar pillow may be good to complement a square on the couch, and a bolster is typically for the bedroom. Remember that size variation is comfortable to the eye.

Throw Pillow Texture Options

Texture is another wonderful way to add visual interest, especially if you’re keeping a tonal palette. Velvet and wool provide a warm and cozy look. For the summer you can switch them out for cotton or linen. Add a touch of glam with silk, faux fur, or a metallic material. Texture can also be applied with details such as tassels or embroidery.


The goal is to create a plush and inviting space. You don’t want to spend forever clearing pillows out of the way! Odd numbers provide a natural, pleasing look (one, three, and five are common for throw pillows). On couches, position the largest pillows at the ends and go smaller as you go toward the center. For beds, there are multiple variations based on the size of your bed, but just remember to think comfort and not fuss.

Try these tips for a cozy, cohesive environment. One of the best things about throw pillows is their versatility. Switching them out is easy and can give your space a whole new look in an instant. Explore more throw pillow options here.