Pamper Yourself: DIY Tips for a Spa Day at Home

By on November 24, 2019, in Beauty Knowledge Center, Relaxation, Well Being

A day of self-care is good for the soul. Taking time for yourself enhances your creativity, your confidence, and definitely your mood. If you’ve been putting it off because you can’t make it to the spa, stress not. You can easily create a relaxing retreat in the comfort of your own home. We put together some tips for a DIY spa day. Do them all for a full day of relaxation; and think about integrating one or two ideas as part of your regular routine.

1. Set the tone for a spa day at home
Start your day with a series of yoga poses, meditation, or go to a quiet nook where you can take a few deep breaths. The goal is to clear your head and set the tone for relaxation. Create a calming ambiance with a scented candle.

2. Take a bath
Warm water relaxes muscles and a luxurious soak will melt your worries away. Take it to a spa level with aromatherapeutic bath salts, like Salt by Hendrix. Select from different vials such as rose heather flower or lavender hibiscus. Don’t forget to have a fluffy robe waiting for you.

3. Indulge in a face mask
A face mask is not only nourishing for the skin, it’s also an enjoyable way to take a half-hour-long time out. Treat your face to the Rodial Pink Diamond Mask. It’s an easy, bio-cellulose mask. Just take it right out of the package and apply for skin tightening and instant hydration.

4. Wax and wane
A paraffin wax treatment, like gLOVE Treat Boot with Parasilk Paraffin, will soothe tired feet. Simply heat the booties in the microwave, and they’re ready to slide onto your feet. For 10 minutes, the warm wax works its magic while you take in the lavender scent. It’s a fun treatment, and your feet will feel refreshed and hydrated.

5. Pour a glass of wine
Red wine offers heart health benefits and is full of antioxidants. Pour a glass and watch a movie or catch up on the book you’ve been meaning to read. Cuddle up with an aromatherapy neck wrap to relieve tension.

6. Retire to a comfortable bed
It’s so soothing to slide into soft, comfortable bedding. For silky sheets, try the Blissful Bamboo Sheet Set. The breathable fabric adapts to body temperature as you glide into a restful slumber.

Set aside a time to do one (or all) of these relaxing activities for a blissful home spa day. Plan ahead to prepare and to plan out work or family obligations. This will ensure you get uninterrupted quality time for yourself. In the end, you’ll feel recharged and ready to take on the world again. Find more ways to pamper yourself here.