How to Decorate Your Home For The Holidays

By on November 27, 2019, in Holiday, Home and Furniture

Decorating your home for the season helps get everyone into the holiday spirit. Decking the halls sets the scene as you’re wrapping gifts, preparing feasts, and welcoming loved ones. It’s amazing how just a dash of glitter and pine can transform your space. Create a sensory experience with the sights, smells, and feelings of the season. Here’s how to make your home merry and bright.

Pick a color theme that will work with your current landscape. Besides traditional colors, try adding rustic and woodsy touches with your neutrals, or metallics with modern decor. If your home is decorated with mid-century aesthetics, pink, turquoise, and green can be fun. Consider animal themes too, like holiday birds.

Start with your central statement piece and build on your decorations from there. Get a dazzling faux Christmas tree, a glistening menorah, a stunning candle display, or a decorated Yule log. This star piece will be the first thing noticed in the room.

Complement your statement piece with ornaments. These will add extra glimmer and wonderment to your decor. Unique Christmas ornaments are also an opportunity to make your home feel personal. Think of other creative ways to illuminate your space. Don’t forget a sparkly tree topper!

Soft fabrics add texture and a welcome, cozy atmosphere. If you already have throw pillows, swapping them out is a quick decorating solution. Find pillows in your chosen color theme or pillows with holiday images. A couple of plush, soft blankets will make the room look extra cozy and inviting. Plus, they’re handy to have around on those chilly winter nights.

Bring the season into your home. Just like gathering flowers in the spring, adding pinecones, birch logs, oranges, evergreens, decorative twigs, and winterberry branches are refreshing additions to your decor. They also help you appreciate the beauty of the winter season. It doesn’t matter whether they’re real or faux, you can even mix it up. A lovely wreath is a must.

The final effects to add to your winter wonderland are scents and candles. Scents are nostalgic and get us thinking about winter traditions and Christmases past. Go woodsy with scents of pine, balsam, sage, and fireplace; go sweet with scents of sugar cookies and peppermint; or try fruity fragrances like cranberry and cinnamon apple. Blends of different notes and spices are delicious too, like the Nest Holiday candles.

Why should the main room get all the holiday spirit? Extend the decorating into your bedroom space. Soft, comfortable bedding or a luxurious holiday throw will keep you warm and cozy throughout the season. As you’re using one of the decorating tips above, save a piece or two like a candle, evergreen sprig, or ornament to place in the bedroom.

Create a seasonal experience to remember. Discover our great selection of holiday decorations here and get into the holiday spirit with your closest friends and family.