Formal Attire: An Inspirational Guide For Every Occasion

By on December 4, 2019, in Fashion Trends, Holiday, My Style Profiles

Whenever you send in an RSVP, your first thought is most likely, “What am I going to wear?” You want to look stylish for the occasion, but with so many events throughout the year, you may need some new ideas. We have a helpful guide to give you renewed inspiration. From work events to social parties, to family gatherings, read on to find outfits and dresses for every occasion.

The goal here is a polished, professional look. When networking or meeting clients, you want to make a solid first impression. Business Casual is standard, with flexibility depending on your industry. Sophistication is key.

Try: A fitted blazer looks sharp. If your seminar is out of town, choose a piece that will travel well like the St. James Jacket. A knit, knee-length sheath dress is classy and transitions nicely if your conference includes a cocktail mixer.

Charity events could be anything from white tie to casual, so take a close look at the invitation, venue, and time of day for clues.

Try: The Enchanted Forest Dress and Printed Velvet Santiago Dress are both stunning and elegant pieces for a formal charity occasion. At a luncheon, brunch, or tea, a vibrant floral-print dress is a lovely choice for a dressy daytime fundraiser.

If it’s not a potluck, you’ll want a classy but comfortable evening outfit. With friends, you don’t have to worry about a stuffy appearance, but you do want to acknowledge the host’s efforts in putting together a special evening.

Try: A sleek jumpsuit is sophisticated, comfortable, and versatile. Evening tops add a touch of drama to your look. Pair with your favorite black pants and you’re ready to go.

Now’s your chance to have fun with dressing up. Think of statement pieces and luxury fabrics such as silk, satin, and lace. Shorter hems are acceptable as well as festive accents.

Try: For an outfit made with lush fabric, try the Short Santiago Stretch Velvet Dress, or the Luxetta Pants and Foret Blazer for a show-stopping two-piece look. You also can’t go wrong with a little black dress. Choose one with interesting details, like the pleating on the Chloe Dress.

Cocktail attire also applies here. For winter holidays, integrate sumptuous fabrics like velvet. Especially for a New Year’s Eve party, glitz and glamour are welcome.

Try: Get a festive but formal look with a sparkly top, a statement duster, or one of our women’s holiday dresses. It will be colder weather, so finish your look with a gorgeous winter coat. For a company holiday party, you can celebrate the season and still be professional with a chic patterned blazer.

Like the charity events, the invitation will give you some clues. For a day wedding, a knee-length dress or sundress and wrap is acceptable. An evening wedding calls for more formal attire.

Try: The Amalfi Dress in Sea Mist is a soft, lovely look for a day wedding. For an evening wedding, the Tulipe Dress in Whisper Blue is romantic and elegant. In the case of an outdoor beach or resort location, a flowy maxi dress or dressy caftan is the way to go.

Aside from the typical family barbeques, there are also formal family gatherings to expect throughout the year.

Try: At a baptism, graduation, or shower, bright colors and prints on a feminine dress or top add to the festivity of the celebration. For a solemn occasion like a funeral, a solid dress in a neutral color is respectful and appropriate. If you’re headed to a bat/bar mitzvah, consider an outfit that can transition from the service to the evening party. Try a maxi dress or a skirt and top made with elegant fabrics.

Whether fun and festive or polished and professional, no need to stress about what to wear to your next occasion. These options are comfortable, flattering, and elegant. Find more outfit inspiration here.