How to Take Care of Dry Skin in the Winter

By on January 7, 2020, in Beauty Knowledge Center

In the mirror, you’ve suddenly noticed flakiness, dullness, and deep lines. Before you panic, remember it’s winter. The cold, dry air is the culprit for a host of issues. The root of a lot of these problems is typically dehydration. All winter skin needs is a little maintenance to replenish moisture. See our tips for dry skin below to quench your complexion and reclaim a dewy, summertime glow.

Problem: Redness, Chapping
The cold air makes the skin more sensitive, and the winter winds exacerbate the problem. Redness means that the skin is stressed, so it needs some care. Also, the long, hot showers we tend to take during the season strips skin of its natural oils.

Winter Rescue: Face Serum, Gentle Facial Cleanser, Mild Showers
Start your skincare regimen the right way. Avoid prolonged, steamy showers (even though it’s tempting)! Instead, side more on the warm side or shorten shower time. Use a gentle facial cleanser like Goldfaden Pure Start to reduce irritation. Out of the shower, the first thing you want to apply is a nourishing facial serum, like Jane Iredale Hyaluronic Serum. It will nourish skin and also prep it to receive the maximum benefits of your other skincare products.

Problem: Dry, Tight Feeling Skin
Besides the cold, dry air from outside, you’re also beating the indoor atmosphere. Central heating is notorious for lowering humidity and dehydrating the skin.

Winter Rescue: Hydration Moisturizer, Room Diffuser
A quality moisturizer is essential. Look for multi-taskers. The Jane Iredale BeautyPrep Face Moisturizer not only delivers moisture but also brightens and evens out skin tone. A humidifier can work wonders by increasing moisture indoors. The Serene House Supernova Room Diffuser & Humidifier is designed to diffuse water into the air. As an extra benefit, you can choose your favorite essential oil to the mix.

Problem: Prominent Facial Lines
Once again, dehydration is the culprit. Another pesky effect is deeper, more noticeable lines.

Winter Skin Rescue: Hydrating Facial Oil, Skin Plumper
After you apply moisturizer, you may still have a few stubborn lines. These require extra care. A facial oil like Rodial Snake Booster Oil targets expression lines and wrinkles. You only need a couple of drops to see smoothness. Another easy solution is Fillerina Plus Night Cream. You apply it at night and let it work its magic for premium wrinkle repair. It plumps skin and also delivers nutrients.

Problem: Dull, Tired Skin
If your skin is cleansed, but still appears dull, the problem may be dead skin cells. This hinders light from reflecting, resulting in an ashy appearance.

Winter Rescue: Scrub, Face Mask, Vitamin C
First things first, make sure you are getting proper rest. This time of year, it’s easy to get caught up in late-night holiday parties and last-minute shopping. Remember to get your beauty sleep. In addition, exfoliation will help rid the skin of flakiness and dead skin cells. Try Goldfaden Doctor’s Scrub, which sloughs skin and also contains jojoba oil to seal in moisture as a preventative action. At night, sweep on Rodial Vitamin C Brightening Pads to further smoothen and brighten skin. Also, a face mask is relaxing while it also improves skin. Blue Copper 5 Sleep Tight Mask contains hyaluronic acid, which will aid in deep hydration.

Bonus Tip: Water
When hydrating skin, it really is a dual process from the inside out. The tips for dry skin above will help at the surface level, but on the inside, the solution is as simple as water. Even if you’re good about getting your eight cups a day throughout the year, winter presents situations that leave you extra parched.

The season is full of holiday parties, special occasion dinners, and flutes of New Year’s Eve champagne. While it’s fun to take part in the festivities, alcohol is a known diuretic and can aggravate rosacea. In addition, it’s also the time of year for peppermint mochas, teas, and strong coffees. Caffeine is another common dehydrator. Be mindful and remember to fill up on water as much as possible when consuming these beverages.

Beat the big chill and rejuvenate your dry skin in winter. Your skin may be looking thirsty, but there are several ways to do something about it. Find more skin-saving products here, and check out more skincare tips here.