Stay Cozy and Warm With Soft Surroundings’ Winter Must-Haves

By on January 16, 2020, in Fashion Trends

Cold weather isn’t all that bad — if you’re prepared for it! We sometimes dread the winter months, but at Soft Surroundings winter is a different story. Our version includes dreamy sweaters, chic coats, cloud-like blankets, and magnificent fabrics. Stay warm and cozy with these winter must-haves.

Jackets should make statements. Feminine. Dramatic. Creative. Eye-catching.

Women’s Evening Coats
Forget frumpy. Dazzle in a fitted coat with metallic touches. Heritage Duster is a work of art made of micro-velvet and gold threads. A true beauty, the Anastasia Faux Shearling Coat features glimmering foil accents.

Unique Jackets
Not your typical outerwear, our jackets make a mark. Try one with a bold print on a rich fabric, like the Moonstruck Jacket or Varanasi Jacket.

We’ve been doing cozy for over 20 years and that makes us soft obsessed.

Feet Retreat
Keep feet warm with a pair of the cute and fluffy Sleepy Sheepy Socks or the pretty knitted Ballerina Slipper Socks. They’re a lifesaver for chilly mornings and also make cozy gifts.

Cozy Bedroom
Cozy up your bedroom for the season. With the Chalet Quilt and Chalet Bed Shams, you’ll be sleeping in heavenly peace. When it’s raining outside, stay warm and dry inside curled up in the Luxe Faux Fur Throw.

Created from the finest materials by the best lace-makers the world has to offer.

Lace Shirts
Add a feminine touch to your wardrobe with lace. For social occasions, the Romantique Tunic is an elegant choice. For comfy days, the lace-accented Rosamunde Tunic feels soft and snug.

Trousers for Winter
In the winter, it’s nice to have extra coverage on your legs. Switch up your jeans look with lace pants. The Luxetta Pants are stunning for holiday parties, and the Touch of Lace Gauze Pants will match beautifully with your sweater wardrobe.

Simply the softest. If our customer advocates don’t say “ooh, that’s soft!” we try, try again.

Velvet Tunics
Go casual with the Velvet Boyfriend Shirt, or create an evening impression with the Secret Support Velvet Top. Warm and fashionable, the Tai Tunic is a gorgeous option for holiday events.

Winter Dresses
The Santiago Stretch Velvet Dress is classic, but also has just enough drama to make an impact. For a bolder design, check out the Printed Velvet Santiago Dress.

We pay attention to every stitch. Our designers make them beautiful and the best in the business.

Sweater Tunics
Snuggling inside a soft sweater is one of the highlights of the season. The Madeline Tunic is a chic option.

Sweater Cardigans
Cardis are handy for layering. Our sweater cardigans are ultra-soft and will keep you warm when out and about. Try the inviting Caressa Cardi or Giada Sweater Cardigan.

Snuggle into the divine softness and cozy warmth of a Soft Surroundings’ winter. We have bedding, socks, and women’s winter coats and jackets just to start. Find more cuddle-worthy options here.