Stay Cozy and Warm With Soft Surroundings’ Winter Must-Haves

By on January 16, 2020, in Fashion Trends

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to stay cold. This year, enjoy the magic of the season with cozy treats. We’re all staying at home a little more these days. Setting up a warm ambiance will lift your spirits and keep the chill away. Learn how to prepare for winter with our list of winter must-haves. You’ll be bundling up in bliss in no time.

Socks & Slippers
Nothing is more relaxing than sinking your feet into fluffy socks or slippers. No matter what you’re wearing, a pair of socks or plush slippers will warm you up in seconds. They’re especially life-saving if you have chilly hard floors. Don’t get cold feet. Have a pair handy by your bedside.

What would a winter wardrobe be without leggings? Soft, flexible, and comfortable, they’ll keep your legs warm all season. A key loungewear piece, leggings are versatile and can be layered with sweaters, pullovers, long-sleeve tunics, and flannels. Pull on sheepskin slippers to complete your lounge outfit and relax by the fireplace.

For those times you don’t want to leave your warm bed, a fluffy robe at arm’s reach is a fantastic incentive. Start your day wrapping yourself in one as you’re making breakfast or sipping coffee porch side. Robes feel elegant over your nightwear and luxurious for bath time. If yours is feeling threadbare, now’s a good time to get something lush and plush.

Sweaters & Cardigans
Bundling up in a chunky knit is one of the best parts about winter. Soft sweaters and cardigans will keep you warm for restful mornings at home. They also will look elegant for your work-from-home conferencing. What fabric keeps you warm in the winter? Wool and cashmere are stylish and snuggly options.

Scarves & Wraps
Cozy accessories will raise your temperature as well as your style. If you’re not sure how to wear a wrap, there are a couple options. Leave loose around your shoulders, fasten with a belt for a structured look, or tie in front to create a shawl. Another chic way to accessorize is with a warm poncho. Ponchos can add visual interest to an outfit with print and texture.

Looking to add some hygge charm to your home? Throw blankets will make your space look endlessly cozy. It transforms the room into a warm and inviting space. Keep them around your couch or nook. Besides being chic for décor, you can cuddle up in one when you’re enjoying a book and a glass of wine.

The bedroom is your safe space. Stylize it with plush quilts, comforters, or warm blankets for winter. If you do fall under the weather this season, you’ll be glad you have the comfort of snuggly bedding to help you rest. If you’re trying to create a cozier looking space, textured pillow shams also do the trick.

Home Fragrance
Candles are a must-have to evoke that cozy wintertime ambiance. As the days get shorter, candles add illumination and a flattering glow. Light your candles, put on Taylor Swift’s folklore, and enjoy every second of the season.

Be prepared for winter. Make the most out of staying at home with these winter essentials from Soft Surroundings. Shop now.