How to Style Statement Necklaces

By on January 27, 2020, in Jewelry

What’s a statement necklace? It’s an attention-grabbing necklace with noteworthy style. Think large baubles, chunky textures, unique design, and dazzling elements. They highlight the face and add extra spice to your outfits. The best way to wear statement jewelry is to make it the focal point of your look (for example, avoiding busy prints and a barrage of other accessories). Find out more ways to style statement necklaces below.

To display your statement piece, wear a solid color like black, white, charcoal, or beige. This can be a head-to-toe ensemble or a variation on your little black dress (think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s). Then add your pop of color. The Valeria Necklace is a vision of purple, and the Sania Amber Necklace features a gorgeous array of warm reds and golds. A metallic piece, like the otherworldly Cala Lariat Necklace, is another attractive way to top a monochromatic look.

A fashionable way to create a statement moment is by layering multiple necklaces. Stick to a theme, like gold. Start with a necklace with interesting detail, like the Jasmin Necklace, which features a rare Russian River matte amazonite. Then add delicate gold chains in different lengths. Simplify and create the same effect with a necklace that’s Catalina Necklace.

For a truly sparkling evening, a statement necklace can make you feel especially glamorous. The Elisabeth Necklace and Royal Garden Necklace are decadent “wow” pieces featuring gorgeous gems and metallic shimmer. An off-the-shoulder or strapless neckline creates a lovely showcase for a shorter necklace, while a crew neck suits a longer length.

You might be considering a statement piece, but want to keep it simple at the same time. The solution is a necklace made with unique materials, like the Pearl Choker. The elegant black velvet is an alternative to a metallic chain, and the large pearl embellishment is refined but still head-turning.

When meeting friends for lunch or attending family gatherings, enhance your jeans and T-shirt standby with a statement necklace. When choosing a T-shirt, go with a solid color in a scoop neck or V-neck. Then add an original piece like the Mabel Necklace or Sun Coast Necklace. It’s a low-key look that still expresses personality and creativity.

Can you wear a statement necklace to work? Absolutely! To keep a professional appearance, save assorted shapes and textures for another time. With a solid blouse, a sleek chain with a gorgeous pendant is clean and chic. Try the Abrielle Necklace or the Sparkle Agate Necklace. A polished metallic piece such as the Novia Necklace looks sharp with a blazer and blouse combo.

Go on a treasure hunt and explore our selection of statement necklaces. It’s a bold look that exudes confidence and poise. You’ll find a variety ranging from colorful statement necklaces to glimmer and glam pieces.