How to Apply Primer: Benefits, Pro Tips, & More!

By on February 5, 2020, in Beauty Knowledge Center, Cosmetics

You may have wondered how to use primer, what it does, or how it can help your makeup routine. It’s part of the skin-prepping process and turns your skin into a smooth canvas. It works as a primer for makeup. Think about when a home is being painted. You could go straight to your color paint, but using a paint primer first will result in the color’s full potential. Face primer does the same thing for your makeup. Use the guide below to get ready for prime time.

Primer offers several perks:

– Minimizes the appearance of pores
– Smooths skin texture
– Assists makeup to stay put and smudge-free
– Powers your makeup to last longer
– Helps you use less makeup product in the long run

Primers can also include extra bonuses. Check out labels for these terms to see what else primer can do for you.

Moisturizing: These primers provide extra hydration to the skin and will help plump up lines.

Tinted: Thinking of skipping foundation? A tinted primer will give you light coverage for a sheer, ultra-natural look.

Brightening: Bring life to the skin with a brightening primer. These are formulated to add illumination to brighten dull skin.

Mattifying: If you are prone to oily skin, try a mattifying primer. These help to reduce shine.

Color-correcting: Use if your goal is to reduce redness or for other tones you want to balance out.

Blurring: You might see “blurring” on the label and wonder what that means exactly. The formula is designed to create a “soft-focus” effect, covering pores and lines.

Anti-aging: These primers could include SPF or other skin enhancers such as antioxidants.

Start with clean, freshly-washed skin. Primer should be applied after all your other skin prep products (e.g. moisturizer, serum, acne fighters), but before any of your makeup. Using a moisturizer is a good idea to apply before your primer. It will help it to go on smoothly.

Make sure your hands are clean. Like moisturizer, primers don’t require a special tool.

A little product goes a long way. Squeeze or pump a pea-sized amount on the back of your hand. If your skin is on the dryer side, you may need a dot more.

Dab on forehead, nose, and chin. Gently spread outward, massaging over the skin using a rolling motion.

Blend out to hairline and over jaw toward the neck.

Don’t hop to your foundation just yet. Allow skin to dry and absorb the product for at least a minute (or follow provided instructions for recommended times).

Primer is not just for facial skin! Apply primer on eyelids to secure your eye makeup. Your smokey eye will look better, longer. On the lips, primer creates a barrier so that your lipstick won’t fall into a “creased” look.

Match your primer base and foundation base for best results. For example, a water-based primer works best with a water-based foundation. Some are oil or silicone-based.

If you’re going for a more natural look, you can also mix your primer with your foundation beforehand and apply it at the same time.

With its many benefits, face primer seems like a magic potion. It minimizes imperfections, improves skin texture, and makes the most out of your makeup. Find primer products here.