Tips for Hosting a Stress-Free Easter Brunch

By on April 10, 2020, in Fashion Trends, Holiday, Soft Surroundings

Easter celebrations will likely look a lot different this year as more than 1.5 billion people worldwide have been asked to stay home amid the spread of the coronavirus. Instead of going out, host brunch at home. We can help you make it a stylish — but also a stress-free — event. Brunch is a relaxed and classy activity for an Easter celebration. It can also make any spring weekend special. Whether you are social distancing or having a small intimate family get-together this year, bring out the bright pastels, spring dresses, and enjoy the scrumptious brunch dishes.

It’s brunch time! See our six tips below for easy brunch ideas:

1. Prep Ahead
Plan your menu ahead of time to shop early. Order online to avoid battling the grocery stores. If items are out of stock, you’ll have time to modify them. Prepare the food as much as possible the day before.

2. Easy Spring Outfits
What to wear on Easter Sunday? Choose spring dresses or skirts that are lightweight. Bring in cheerful colors and patterns. Loose-fitting dresses are comfortable options. You’ll feel pretty, but you’ll also be able to move around for last-minute preparations. Solid color dresses in pastels are lovely. If you like two-piece outfits, flowing skirts look beautiful with a white or cream top.

3. Simple Menu
With food, brunch leaves a lot of flexibility. Mix savory, sweet, and fresh. For example, prepare easy egg and ham tarts with premade puff pastry. For sweet, fresh-baked cinnamon rolls are delicious (and will make your home smell like a yummy bakery). Put together greens or a fruit salad for freshness. For the salad, stick to a couple of greens and tomato. If you do a fruit salad, combine strawberries with banana slices or blackberries. Simple ingredients will save you from a ton of slicing and dicing. All of these menu items look impressive but use minimal ingredients.

4. Juice Bar
Make up a juice bar area so the family can help themselves. Orange will be the most popular, but grapefruit or cranberry can switch things up. Have chilled champagne out for those who want to make mimosas. The displayed bubbly and fruity colors will add to your pretty spring atmosphere. Don’t forget to keep the coffee brewing! Family may want some before, during, and after the meal.

5. Use Nature to Decorate
If it’s an Easter or spring gathering, flowers are a must. Daisies are fresh and happy. Put some in mason jars. Fill in with baby’s breath. Fresh lemons also make great decorations. Their color is so cheerful, and they smell like spring.

6. Have Fun, Clean Later
Brunches are supposed to be easy and relaxed. Doing as much as possible beforehand will let you enjoy the present moment. It’s fine to clear dishes as the gathering is winding down. But when the party’s over, go ahead and take a nap. You deserve a mimosa and a rest. Do the deep cleaning a little later.

Celebrate Easter brunch memorably without the worry. Enjoy the family. Delight in the flavors and springtime atmosphere. Search here to find more spring outfits to match the mood.