Breakout Spring Style

By on April 20, 2020, in Fashion Trends, Jewelry

Time to store away the winter wear. With spring comes new fabrics, colors, and looks to try. There’s a lot to be excited about this season. We have a list of the breakout styles you should know about. Get a wardrobe refresh. With our online shop, you can order from the convenience of your own home. Keep reading for the things we love for spring.

Major Style: Utility & Lace
Women’s utility will be making the rounds in fashionable ways. “Utility” just means military or outdoor-inspired. Think large pockets, durable materials, zippers, and rows of buttons. There are also camo colors like olive, beige, and khaki. You’ll be seeing women’s utility pants, utility jackets for women, jumpsuits, and even dresses. A utility jacket can be worn like a denim jacket. Keep it casual by pairing it with jeans; or layer over a dress.

For another unique hard/soft contrast, pair utility with lace. The mix of durable and delicate makes a visually interesting outfit. Some ideas include a utility vest over a lace dress, or a lace skirt topped off with a utility jacket. Try the Rila Weekend Pant with a lace tank or top with lace details. The utility and lace combo is a pretty (and useful!) look for spring. Whether rainy, sunny, cloudy, or all three, you’ll be ready.

Great Gauze
For the romantics out there, you’ll love the ethereal gauze looks popping up. Our gauze fabrics are lightweight and flexible, but not sheer. Explore the options. Gauze pieces feel breezy and comfortable on the skin. Create a weekend look with gauze blouses and jeans. Since gauze fabrics are often flowy, balance out your silhouette when you plan your outfit. Try a long gauze top over slim-cut pants. Or a flowy gauze skirt with a fitted top. Gauze maxi dresses feel relaxed, yet are also chic.

Jeans in Color
Denim has expanded beyond basic blue. Colorful Denim is playful. Try it! Shades can be sunny sorbets or bold primary colors. Jeans are timeless and versatile. Adding in color will keep things interesting and make your outfits pop. For a pretty springtime look, mix pink denim with a crisp white top, floral-print blouse, or chambray top.

Beaded Beauties
For accessories in 2020, beaded necklaces will be big. What to look for: colorful beads, either mixed or in color blocking. Both large and small beads are included in this trend. Mix up pastel beads with glimmering metallics or a show stopping pendant. Beaded necklaces are a natural fit with spring wear. The statement accessory can transition an outfit from winter to spring in an instant.

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