Everything You Need To Know About National Denim Day

By on April 27, 2020, in Fashion Trends, In the News

How could we live without our denim? It’s one of the most versatile fabrics for skirts, jackets, and of course, our jeans. On National Denim Day, millions will be putting on their jeans. But for a purpose. The day turns a fashion statement into a social statement by bringing awareness to an important issue. We welcome you to join in! Read on to learn what Denim Day is all about.

When is Denim Day?
National Denim Day is an annual event that usually falls on a Wednesday in April. For 2020, it’s being honored on April 29.

What is Denim Day?
People from all over the world wear denim on this day to raise awareness. It demonstrates support for those affected by sexual violence. How did denim become linked with this issue?
In Italy, a 90’s rape conviction was overturned because of a “jeans alibi.” The perpetrator was a 45-year-old driving instructor. On the first driving lesson with a student, he pulled over the car and raped the 18-year-old. After she reported the incident, he was arrested and convicted. Years later, the Italian Supreme Court overturned the decision, and he was released. Their reasoning: she wore tight jeans. They figured she consented because she would have had to help remove them.
Many were shocked by the ruling. The next day, women in the Italian Parliament wore jeans as a sign of support to the victim. News of the protest inspired the United States, and National Denim Day had its start in 1999. Support has grown every year, and over 10 million donned denim in 2019. Wearing jeans is a symbol of solidarity against the misconceptions and destructive myths about sexual violence. National Denim Day is about encouraging education, fostering resources, and transforming culture.

Here’s How to Celebrate Denim Day
There are several ways to join the campaign. To get involved, start by going to denimdayinfo.org. There’s info about how to get your community engaged. Host a Dollars for Denim Campaign. (Money goes toward rape prevention education and healing services for survivors). Organize a jeans day at work. Use #denimday to raise awareness on social media. You could also donate to Peace Over Violence, an L.A. based violence prevention center. Any action is a valued sign of support.

Try on Some Jeans
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Join the growing movement. It’s easy to spread the word. You can raise awareness and show your solidarity with denim. Pick out your perfect pair here.