6 Fast Beauty Treatments You Can Do at Home

By on May 19, 2020, in Beauty Knowledge Center, Cosmetics, Relaxation, Skincare, Uncategorized, Well Being

No salon? No problem. Get your beauty needs done right at home. We have six beauty solutions for hair, brows, skin, and more. These easy touch-ups will hold you over until your next appointment and they’re so convenient you’ll love them even after quarantine is over. Now’s the time to try something new. Plus, a little beauty boost is a special treat to pass the time.

At-home tanning fix: Minetan Violet Gradual Tan Foam
Even if you can’t get to the beach you can still get that bronzy glow. Try out a gradual skin tanner. It eases you into a buildable tan, so there are no streaky surprises. There are lots of different types of products out there, but foam self-tanner is a simple solution. The foam cuts down on the mess, and you can better control of where the product goes.

No time for micro-blading: WunderBrow Brow Gel
Your last micro-blading session is starting to fade. Now what? Get beautiful brows now with a brow gel. Gels are a quick-and-easy way to enhance what you’ve got. It fills in gaps by defining and thickening eyebrows and lasts for days. That means you’ll only need to apply once or twice a week until your next appointment.

Cover the grays while your stylist is away: Joan Rivers Beauty Great Hair Day
We all miss our stylists. If roots are coming in, don’t reach for the boxed hair color just yet. There’s a way to take care of them that’s less harsh. A hair blending powder provides a foolproof touch-up. Find one that matches your hair color and brush in with a few swipes.

Missing that Botox appointment: Fillerina Replenishers
Don’t worry if you’re unsure about your next Botox appointment. You can get a smoothed-out complexion at home. And without a needle. This hyaluronic wrinkle reducer fills in lines, plumps volume around features, and tightens up skin. Try a treatment pack to nourish and smooth out skin.

The at home facial experience: Osmotics Ageless Face Enhance
Try a DIY facial at home. A multitasking device is fun to use, and you’ll get the most out of your skincare routine. This one has ultrasonic, ionic, and LED modes for deep cleansing, improved skin texture, and more. By the end of quarantine, you’ll emerge radiant and fresh-faced.

If you’re feeling restless or want to do something for yourself, a beauty treatment will lift your spirits. Stay safe at home and shop beauty online. You can find everything above and more here.