5 Refreshing Wine Spritzers for Summer

By on June 16, 2020, in Holiday, Relaxation

Add some sparkle into your life with a wine spritzer. They’re so refreshing when the temperatures heat up. We rounded up five tasty wine spritzer recipes and an assortment of our tunic tops for summer, so you’ll be all set for an al fresco gatherings. These spritzer recipes are all at an easy level and leave room for experimenting with different fruits or mixers. Whip up a batch for a brunch, a poolside beverage, or for an after-dinner treat!

Orange & White

Drinks with a fresh fruit element pair well with brunch foods. Blood oranges are sweet like a regular orange, but with a tart kick like a berry. Delicious with a white wine. We like how this recipe uses real blood orange juice (Vitamin C boost)! Peel extra oranges to go with your meal.

Rosé All Day

If you’re a fan of Cosmo martinis, you might like this light and pretty pink drink. This Lime Rosé Spritzer mixes two favorite summertime flavors. If you’re not big on lime, grapefruit also goes well with rosé and will give the drink a more vivid pink shade. Swap the wine for a sparkling rosé for extra fizz.

Sparkling Aperol

With its orange and coral hues, aperol cocktails seemed made just for summer. The Italian aperitif has a bittersweet citrus flavor that pairs beautifully with sparkling wine. The classic aperol spritz recipe combines aperol with Prosecco. For extra flair, try this recipe. It adds a splash of elderflower liqueur to the bright cocktail.

Red Wine Berry Spritzer

We didn’t forget our red wine lovers. You can absolutely use red wine in a chilled summertime spritzer. It’s great if you want a more robust flavor to go along with a barbeque or grilled meal. Made with yummy berries, the recipe here is a simplified sangria with an effervescent twist. The wine’s red shade is perfect for a Fourth of July celebration.

Sorbet Spritzer

Sometimes you get a sweet craving but don’t want something heavy on a hot day. The solution: a dessert spritzer. For a simple summer night treat, add a scoop of sorbet to champagne. So simple. These tips explain different variations and how to create an elegant presentation. If you’re feeling fancy, add in a mint garnish.

Usher in summer with one of these refreshing drinks. They’re fun, easy, and will impress at any gathering. We also invite you to come chill with us. You can complete your summertime mood with these new looks.