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Are you over washing your face? Below are the biggest dos and don’ts for soft hydrated skin by Dr. Loretta Ciraldo, Dermatologist and Founder of Dr. Loretta Skincare.

Dr. Loretta Ciraldo, M.D., F.A.A.D., is a highly sought-after board-certified dermatologist in Miami with over 40 years of experience.

How often should those with normal skin typically be washing their face with cleanser and water? What about if your skin is dry?

No matter what your skin type, you need to wash at least twice a day, but rarely more than that (exceptions would be after exercise or swimming when we need to get off sweat or chlorine or salt water). Twice a day cleansing is to remove the pollutants and irritants that our skin is exposed to 24/7, even when we sleep since indoor pollution, irritants on our pillowcases, etc. are also damaging our skin.

Our Dr. Loretta Gentle Hydrating Cleanser provides a deep cleanse that absorbs microscopic pollutants from skin’s surface and has hydrating peptides, so you are rehydrating as you wash.

How might you be able to tell if you’re over washing?

Washing should never dry out your skin or make it red or flaky. I see this a lot with acne cleansers where the mistake is either that people over use the cleanser by washing too often (more than twice a day) or that they’ve chosen a cleanser that is too harsh or drying to their skin). Remember that skin oil levels and moisture levels are two different measurements, so oily skin can also lack hydration and be dry.

If you have over washed, how should you treat the skin to remedy it?

Over washing usually results from using a cleanser that’s too harsh for your skin. You also have to be careful about “over washing” if you are post procedure and your skin is sensitive. Our Dr. Loretta Gentle Hydrating Cleanser with chamomile and ginger root essential oils and hydrating peptides replenishes moisture.

What do you recommend for cleansing around the eye area?

I recommend you consider getting a hydrating cleanser for the area around the eyes, so when you wash your eyelids with an anti-pollution cleanser you are really benefiting your skin more than just taking off the makeup.
At Dr. Loretta, our Gentle Hydrating Cleanser will remove even waterproof makeup. It has the added benefit of removing the tiniest pollution particles that makeup removers and regular non-soap cleansers can’t, since we believe you want to “treat” your eye skin to amazing benefits when you cleanse.

What are some of the biggest causes of dry skin on the face?

On our faces, dryness often comes from products we’re using. This is especially true of acne products, which often can dry and irritate skin. Many acne sufferers believe it’s healthy to use very drying acne products on acne prone skin, but the drying effects often make the skin overcompensate with more oil production and worse breakouts. Also, many anti-aging products contain some degree of drying or irritating ingredients which will affect some users, especially those with sensitive skin or a history of allergic rashes, eczema, or asthma.

A recent American Academy of Dermatology presentation cited skincare products as the cause of about 60% of all facial irritation and dryness. Other causes are rashes including Dermatitis and contact dermatitis. On body skin, a common cause is use of soap which is related to lye and very drying on skin as well as using artificially fragranced body washes and lotions. And an internal cause of dry body skin is cholesterol and triglyceride lowering drugs which also lower skin lipids resulting in more water loss from skin.

What are the biggest dos and don’ts to get soft hydrated skin?

First, please be sure to eliminate known irritants (which end up drying skin out) and drying agents. So, avoid soap and any cleansers with sulfates, SLS, artificial fragrance, dyes/color, ethyl alcohol, parabens, formaldehyde-releasing agents, phthalates, coal tar, hydroquinone, triclosan, and triclocarban.

I’ve also been formulating skincare for other skincare professionals since 1993. So, as you can imagine, I only use my own products. I believe that using skin friendly products with high levels of beneficial ingredients and omitting the potentially problematic ingredients is the key to keeping young looking into our 60s and beyond.

•Look for sulfate free non-soap cleansers to wash, like our Gentle Hydrating Cleanser with marine peptides that have proven hydration boosting benefits and hydrating chamomile and ginger root essential oils.
•Use tepid water only to bath, not hot water since it will dry out skin.
•Apply moisture trapping serums while skin is a still a bit damp for enhanced penetration and effectiveness of the product.
•Balance exfoliation with hydration.
•Don’t use products that seem to be irritating to your skin…they will result in more redness and dryness.


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