Our Favorite Boots and How to Style Them

By on October 8, 2020, in Fashion Trends

Boots and jeans are an iconic combo. Worn together, you have an instant outfit that’s comfortable and chic. With many types of boots and jeans out there, what is the most flattering? Which boot length should be worn with which denim cut? Whether you favor ankle, short, or tall boots, we can help you style them. We put together a helpful guide for you to get the most bang out of your boot.

Boss Booties: How to Wear Ankle Boots with Jeans
Ankle boots hit below the ankle or slightly above. They’re versatile, easy to put on, and easy to wear.

Pairing them with a tapered hem (from a straight-leg jean, mom jean, or skinny jean) will create a streamlined silhouette. Avoid jeans with wider hems; they’ll swallow up the boot. The cute solution: roll the cuff up or roll under so that you get that narrow hem effect.

It’s sometimes hard to get a dressy look together in cold weather. That’s where booties with a high heel or stacked heel come to the rescue. Style with black jeans, a black blazer, a soft blouse, and gold jewelry.

Short Notice: How to Wear Short Boots with Jeans
Get noticed in short boots. The length ranges from the start of the calf to mid-calf.

Bootcut jeans are made for short boots. Flare jeans are also fashionable and boot-friendly. If you go with a skinny cut, don’t try to layer the hem over the boot. You either want to tuck the hem in (good for boots with a wider shaft) or roll up to skim the top of the boot. You could also go with a cropped skinny jean.

Cowboy-style boots have a boho appeal. Wear with T-shirts, flowy blouses, or printed ponchos. Go wild with animal-print boots or boots with faux fur accents.

Stand Tall: How to Wear Tall Boots with Jeans
Tall boots land at the knee. They can work with all the seasons, but with tall boots you can really have fun wearing those cozy fall and winter looks.

Get skinny jeans or jeggings. They’ll tuck in without bunching. The streamlined cut will create clean lines and show off the style of your boot.

Wear a blue denim wash, a comfy flannel, and brown flat boots. You’re all set for the pumpkin patch. To luxuriate your jeans, wear a stacked-heel tall boot and a plush sweater.

Great Lengths: How to Wear Over-the-Knee Boots with Jeans
Over-the-knee boots are the ultimate style statement. Trust us, you can pull them off!

Jeans with high boots are pure posh. Go for skinny jeans or jeggings so that you can easily zip your boots over them.

Out of all the boot lengths, over-the-knee boots will transform your jeans into a special occasion look. Knock them dead with leg-lengthening black boots and black denim. Accessorize with drop earrings.

Update your boot and denim look. Find different denim cuts and styles here. For stylish boots of all lengths, shop here.


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