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How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe

By on February 25, 2021, in Uncategorized

Looking for a more efficient way to dress? A capsule wardrobe might be the solution. What is a capsule wardrobe, exactly? It’s curating your wardrobe to a select group of favorites that you love and actually wear. These pieces can be mixed and matched to get the best use out of your clothes. The idea is quality, not quantity. It’s also about you. Dressing becomes easier, and there are a few other perks as well. We have tips below on how to start your own capsule wardrobe.

Why Start a Capsule Wardrobe?
– Saves you money: Capsule wardrobes curb impulse buying or buying what you don’t need. A few of your staples might even work for the following season or the following year.
– Saves you time: How many times did you run late because you weren’t sure about what to wear? Or when searching the back of your closet? With a capsule wardrobe, everything is front and center. It’s just a matter of choosing which combo you feel like wearing that day.
– Declutter: Your mind will feel more at ease with a capsule set-up. You’ll see everything at a glance, comfortably spaced-out on hangers (as opposed to a jam-packed closet).
– It’s more sustainable: Mindfulness is a big part of planning a capsule wardrobe. If you’ve already Marie Kondo’d your home, you probably were surprised about the pile of clothes you wore once a year, if at all. Capsule wardrobes eliminate waste and allow you to really make the most out of your essentials.

How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe
1. Do a purge if you haven’t already. With the items you have leftover, you’ll get a better idea of what you like. You’re planning for what fits your body and lifestyle at the present moment.
2. Assess your style. For fun, brainstorm adjectives to guide your wardrobe like “feminine,” “sporty,” or “boho.”
3. Do one season at a time.
4. When coming up with your capsule wardrobe, think of your day-to-day wear. Don’t include your workout gear, swimsuits, undergarments, or PJs.
5. Think of your color palette. After a cleanout, you may notice color themes emerging. Some people love black and can start from there. However, maybe you prefer browns and earth tones. There’s no wrong answer. Remember, this is for you!
6. Create your checklist. (Example capsule below). You want to get a good coverage of basics. Some recommend as little as 10 pieces, and some as many as 45.
7. Repeat next season! Transferring pieces is allowed. You may have a winter cardigan that would also be a lovely addition to a spring capsule.

Example Capsule Wardrobe Checklist in 25 Pieces
Pants – jeans, black trousers, ankle pants, leggings
Skirts – knee-length, maxi length
Dress – black shift dress, soft cotton dress, maxi dress
Tops – long sleeve, short sleeve, tank tunic, lightweight sweater, button-up, striped top, graphic T-shirt, solid T-shirt, lace top, silk blouse, printed blouse
Layer – cardigan, denim jacket, leather jacket, flannel, blazer
If you’re sticking with a seasonal plan, switch it up. For example, when planning for summer add shorts into the mix. When making your winter list add in a turtleneck or chunky sweater.

More Tips
You don’t have to get rid of all your specialty pieces (e.g. Christmas sweater, vacation caftan). Simply put these in storage or at the back of the closet. The idea is to have your capsule wardrobe within reach.
Explore online. Bloggers have different ways of planning their capsules. Find someone who matches with your style.
Your capsule wardrobe does NOT have to be boring or monochromatic. Incorporate textures, colors, prints, and your personality.
Keep it fun. There are guidelines out there, but feel free to make your own rules.

Simplify your morning routine with a capsule wardrobe. Hopefully our guide has given you some inspiration. Shop Soft Surroundings for more ideas to get your capsule wardrobe started.