How to Dress Up a T-Shirt

By on June 17, 2021, in Fashion Trends

T-shirts are a versatile staple that we already love. To get even more use out of them, try dressing up a T-shirt. It’s easy, and you’ll find yourself discovering more and more ways to stylize your tees. They’re a secret weapon for those of us who prize comfort at all times. Just a couple tweaks can transform them to be fit for an elevated occasion. Read on to learn how to dress up a T-shirt.

Add a top layer

Topper: Dress up shirts in a snap with a beautiful topper. A white T-shirt will set the stage for a bright, flowy top layer. Drapey toppers add color, pattern, and depth to your outfit, upping the style factor. This is a brilliant option for travel, or if you need to hop on a Zoom call and don’t have time to change your whole outfit.
Blazer: Blazers communicate instant sophistication. A blazer and T-shirt combo can be a fun way to mix things up at the office or when working from home. Keep it professional with fitted trousers and a pair of loafers or pumps. For a bold or edgier look outside the office, layer a blazer on top of a patterned or graphic T-shirt.

Pair with stylish bottoms

Jeans: So a jeans and T-shirt blend is a classic look that everyone can pull off. But how do you dress it up? First, choose a denim cut that offers a tailored, streamlined effect (such as skinny jeans or straight-leg jeans). Next, choose a dark wash denim. Black jeans are also fantastic for generating a sleek look. Finish with heels or knee-length boots. Add elegance by selecting a shirt with special detailing. Look for embroidery, lace, or a unique accent. Another option is a striped top — timelessly chic.
Leggings: T-shirts are an easy fit with leggings. This is also as comfortable as it gets! To dress this look up, opt for longer tees for leggings and maybe one with an interesting hem. Scallop-cut hems or layered panels are lovely options. For shoes, ankle boots are fashionable and layers comfortably over leggings. If the outfit calls for a more delicate shoe, try ballet flats.
Skirt: T-shirts are surprisingly easy to pair with skirts. A flowy midi or maxi skirt will make the most out of your tees. For a skirt-and-shirt pairing, utilize a top with less/lighter fabric and a simple silhouette. The hem should land right over the waist, or tucked in without a bunch of bulk. If you’re still not sure if it looks right, a belt will polish it up and seamlessly tie the two garments together. Slip on a pair of strappy sandals and you’re all set for a special occasion.

Accessorize it

Necklace: Necklace accessories will enhance your T-shirt outfits. A glimmering chain or a stunning pendant can take your look to the next level. Be strategic with your necklines. A bib-type necklace will create a fancy collar for a crew neckline. Long, beaded necklaces balance a wide or boat neck cut. Necklaces with V-shapes complement V-neck T-shirts nicely.
Scarf: Adding in a lux fabric is an elegant way to dress up your T-shirt. Keep one in your car in case you need a quick, classy makeover when you’re on the go. Scarves add texture and color to basic outfits. (Click here to find ways to creatively tie your scarf).

It’s fun to see what you can do with a simple T-shirt. It can act as a base for a glam outfit or be the main star. Stock up now. Shop the shirts at Soft Surroundings to create the looks mentioned here.