What to Wear for a Weekend Away

By on June 17, 2021, in Fashion Trends

Vacation travel almost seems like a distant memory, but this summer will open up some new opportunities. Weekend getaways are a low-key and relaxing way to adjust back to travel life. A reset at a remote destination will give you the self-care time you deserve. Need some weekend outfit ideas? We have a plan for what to pack for a weekend trip. Whether it’s to the beach or to the country, our weekend away outfits are versatile, comfortable — and we didn’t forget stylish!

Beach Getaway: Caftan+ Bathing Suit + Beach Sandals

A beach setting inspires instant relaxation. Capture a bright, island mood whether you’re heading to the closest beach or visiting a seaside town.
Caftans are made for travel. They’re versatile and easy to pack. You can wear them as a cover-up, with leggings, or by itself. With vibrant colors or prints, caftans are suitable for the beach and ultra chic for sipping on cocktails. A swimsuit is a must-have for your bag. Paired with a sarong, a glam one-piece or tankini top can double up as an outfit top. For shoes, bring along beach-ready sandals. A pair with special detailing will prepare you for your weekend’s more sophisticated moments.

Cabin Retreat: Jeans+ Relaxed T-shirt + Cardigan

Getting back to nature is an excellent way to unwind and leave the crowds behind. Even when going rustic, your weekend getaway outfits can still be fashionable.
Jeans will be comfortable and provide extra durability when enjoying the great outdoors. (Denim shorts are a good idea too for a lake house or cabin stay). Pair with a relaxed T-shirt. Add a couple top layers to your luggage. Even in the summer, the lake or woods can get chilly. A cardigan is something you can snuggle into during your early morning coffee on the porch or evenings by the fire pit.

Wine Weekend: Vacation Dress+ Panama Hat + Comfortable Wedges

Wine weekends are satisfying for quick getaways. The change of scenery, a little outdoor time, and of course the wine tasting will yield a full weekend.
In wine country a comfy dress is stylish and easy to move in. Try a shirt dress or a loose-fitting dress with some flow. Another breathable option is a maxi skirt and top combo. If it’s a breezy destination, bring along a denim jacket. Panama hats are ideal for travel. They give off a relaxed vibe, but provide more style than a baseball cap. For the vineyards, a panama hat is just the thing for shielding your eyes from the sun. Complete your outfit with comfortable wedges. You’ll still feel dressed up while cushioned soles will support you throughout a day of walking.

Bed & Breakfast Stay: Leggings+ Long Top + Straw Handbag

Bed & Breakfast trips are a charming and stress-free way to relax. You can have fun exploring a new town — but sometimes all you need to recharge is a solid nap.
Leggings can be your base item for most of your weekend. They offer comfy stretch while you’re traveling in the car, enjoying a delicious home-cooked meal, or taking a walk around the grounds. Bring along a couple of long tops. To give yourself options, take a casual one and a blouse. A large bag is an essential for a weekend trip. You can use it to stow your books, water, or extra toiletries. It can then double as a bag for the local markets. A chic straw tote is effortlessly cool and will get you into the vacation spirit.

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