How to Dress Up For a Winery

By on June 14, 2021, in Fashion Trends

You have an upcoming wine adventure, and now you’re thinking, “What to wear to a winery?” Whether you prefer a pinot grigio or a cabernet, you’ll want to look stylish. There will be some things to consider, such as the location and how much walking is involved. Below you’ll find winery outfit ideas. These tips will help you figure out just what to wear for a wine tasting.

Vineyard Outfits

Wine tasting is meant to be a relaxed, leisurely event. It’s still a classy affair though. This is a chance to have fun with a chic wine dress. Think soft and carefree. Comfy, loose-fit dresses are ideal winery outfits. It fits the romantic mood without being stuffy. You could also go with a pair of dark wash jeans, earrings, and a statement blouse. Cowboy boots and sundresses are suitable for a country destination. Going to Napa Valley in the winter? Prepare for chillier temperatures. A soft sweater with flat knee-high boots is a sophisticated choice.

Accessorize & Layer

If this is a day trip, wear layers. As the sun sets, you’ll be glad to have that stylish wrap or cozy cardigan. You may also be alternating from indoors to outdoors. A barrel room tour could be chilly, while the deck could be warm and sunny. Especially if you’re planning to walk the vineyards, pack a pair of sunglasses. A clutch may be a hassle. (You need to be hands-free for the wine)! For a low-fuss option, choose a cross body bag.

What About Shoes?

When considering what to wear to a vineyard, there are advantages to wearing flats. For example, if the plan includes a considerable amount of walking. When touring the grounds, you don’t want heels sinking into the dirt or tripping over cobblestone. Padded ballet flats or leather loafers are dressy but comfy options. Heels are not out of the question though. If the wine tasting is mostly indoors and includes seating, why not? Also, if the trip involves an upscale dinner, heels feel polished. Wedges are a fashionable compromise.

Color Code

Head-to-toe white is a little dangerous when around wine. You never know if there’s going to be an unexpected splash or spill. Prints, dark colors, and jewel tones are experts at camouflaging wine spots. But, what if you have the perfect light-colored dress? This is where it’s handy to have a scarf for coverage in case of an accident.

Winery Beauty Tips

For sun-drenched locals, don’t forget your SPF. Now may not be the time for that deep red lipstick. You don’t want to worry about reapplying after each sip. Instead, go with a lightweight gloss, tinted balm, or nude lip pencil. Enjoying the subtleties of the wine is part of the experience. Don’t overwhelm your senses (or those around you) with a strong perfume application. That way you can savor each note and flavor.

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