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$89.00 to $110.00 $49.98 to $99.00View Product
Santiago Dress$89.00 to $110.00 $49.98 to $99.00
Bailey Dress
Bailey Dress$99.00
Zaneta Dress
Zaneta Dress$129.00
Makara Tunic Top & Tank
$89.00 to $99.00View Product
Makara Tunic Top & Tank$89.00 to $99.00
Kara Dress
Kara Dress$129.00
Nanette Dress
Nanette Dress$129.00
Morena Duster
Morena Duster$289.00
Phoenix Dress
Phoenix Dress$149.00
$69.00 to $84.00 $44.98 to $79.00View Product
Valentina Zip Sweater$69.00 to $84.00 $44.98 to $79.00
Cassie Dress
$119.00 to $130.00View Product
Cassie Dress$119.00 to $130.00
$119.00 to $140.00 $109.00
Limited Time Deals! Price as Marked.
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Mariana Dress$119.00 to $140.00 $109.00
Limited Time Deals! Price as Marked.
Paulette Shirtdress
Paulette Shirtdress$139.00
Danielle Button Dress
$99.00 $49.99View Product
Danielle Button Dress$99.00 $49.99
Morlaix Silk Dress
Morlaix Silk Dress$170.00
Danielle 3/4 Sleeve Tunic
$69.00 to $79.00View Product
Danielle 3/4 Sleeve Tunic$69.00 to $79.00
$79.00 to $89.00 $59.00 to $89.00
Limited Time Deals! Price as Marked.
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Soft Essential™ Superla Slim Leg Crop Pants$79.00 to $89.00 $59.00 to $89.00
Limited Time Deals! Price as Marked.

Sometimes you need to treat yourself to a relaxing day or weekend at home. Browse selection of cozy clothes for women so you always be prepared for these precious days alone or with your family.Our women’s loungewear collection includes pants, tops, and cardigans in soft knits and fleece. These come in a range of colors and styles, so you can find something that suits your lifestyle and always looks great. Even better, many of these pieces are designed for layering, so you can add or remove garments as the temperature changes.Soft Surroundings also has a selection of wonderfully warm and comfortable transition pieces that are equally suitable for wearing at home and while out and about running errands or taking a stroll around your neighborhood.As you would expect, all of these pieces are especially soft and have a softness rating that you can use when making a selection. Treat yourself today do something beautiful