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Enchanté EDT$59.95Top Rated

Scent has a powerful impact on ourselves and others. That's why Soft Surroundings has carefully curated a collection of home and personal fragrances. Whether you are looking for on-trend stick diffusers, scented candles, perfumes, or colognes, our collection has something for you.Our home fragrances range from soft florals to warm spices. Our unique diffusers eliminate the need for a power outlet or flame, and instead gently release fragrance throughout the day. Many of our diffusers are works of art in their own right, adding to your home’s decor.If you are looking for a new signature scent, explore our personal fragrance collection. It includes several exclusive scents as well as other, hard-to-find fragrances. Even better, many of our fragrances come in several different forms, including rollerballs, sprays, and dab-on perfumes.Of course, both home and personal fragrances make wonderful gifts. Browser collection today and treat yourself, or someone you care about, to something wonderful.