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I woke up so fully rested—it seems like forever since I've felt that restored. Was it yesterday's play out in the sun and sand that brought me back to my center? Not sure...but I hope it continues!

After a short walk on the beach to take in the coastal air—oh, how I love that salty stuff!—I grabbed my hat and we set off on the day's adventures like a boat yielding to the flow of the current.

Getting ready to meet friends for late lunch and lots of conversation. Then, I'll head back to find that hammock I saw earlier. It must be true that siestas were invented here.

Window shopping. Flower picking. Treasure hunting. Everything to do, and nothing to do, all at the same time. Heaven.

As the day begins to wind down, my journal comes out again. Even my writing seems to thrive in the fresh, open air where ideas grow on trees.

The day ends the way it began, with a stroll on the beach. As the sun slips below the water, mother nature shows her true colors. Her best finale—every single day!