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A Handful of Happiness Hand Pads

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Description & Details

The secret to ageless hands.

Medical-grade silicone pads nourish the back of time-weary hands with richly hydrating hyaluronic acid to erase wrinkles and plump thinning skin. Added bonus: your thicker skin will visually mask prominent veins and bones. Hands are softer and smoother after first application and show enhanced benefits with continued use.

. Vegan pads are cruelty-free
. Kit includes two pads, each reusable up to 30 times

Remove the hand pads from the packaging. The back of your hand should be dry and free of oil. Form a gentle fist to smoothen the back of your hand. Place the pad on the back of your hand. Repeat this with the second pad. Apply the pads for at least one hour - preferably longer to enhance the effect. The longer and more regularly you use the pads, the more lastingly your skin will generate. Integrate this treatment into your daily routine while working on your computer or use them on many other occasions to do something good to you and your skin!
dimethicone (as carrier material), hyaluronic acid

A passionate spirit of development, courage and sustainability are the most important characteristics of APRICOT. We develop innovative Beauty & Healthcare products with a quickly visible and at the same time lasting effect. We concentrate on super ingredients that make our products effective, we leave everything else out! Best example: pure medical grade silicone and especially effective hyaluron are the success factors of our beauty pads. Because care should be as simple and uncomplicated as possible for you - life is already complex enough. Wrinkle reduction is our main focus, but above all your personal beauty feeling: your true beauty.

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