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ARTIS Premier Brush Cleaning Pad

Item #09173

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Description & Details

Quick-change makeup artist. Easy, brush-cleaning pad.

It's easy to be a quick-change makeup artist with this anti-microbial, brush cleaning pad. A unique way to fast-cleanse your makeup brushes (so you can quickly switch between applications), the plush microfiber cloth is pre-treated to gently lift all makeup and dirt without harming the brush head. Just swipe, swipe…clean!
. For a deeper cleanse, use a shot of fast-drying Brush Cleansing Foam (09172)
. Clean makeup brushes mean better makeup wear and longer life for your brushes; clean tools keep bacteria at bay so your skin stays healthy with every application
. Microfiber cloth pops out to launder as needed–antimicrobial treatment will last up to 12 washes
. Set of 4 replacement cloths available (09174)
. 12.8 oz.
Wipe brush back and forth against the MicroFibre Cloth, removing residue from brushes, so that you can easily switch between cosmetic formulas. Can be used with Brush Cleansing Foam for a deeper clean.

Better Beauty, by Design. Rethinking the notion that "an artist only applies to the canvas", Artis (the Latin word for "skill") has custom-designed makeup brushes that deliver stellar professional results even when the artist is the canvas. Their CosmeFibre® brushes are ergonomically crafted for a comfortable grip that allows precision of application. Each fiber is sculpted to a microscopic point for the softest touch against your skin. And with 3-10 times more fibers than most traditional brushes, the brush head will not separate leaving a finish that's beyond flawless.

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