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Baby Foot Spa Bundle

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Description & Details

Ridiculously soft feet. 

"Once the peeling stopped, my feet felt way softer than they do after a pedicure." ~ People magazine 

We love how Baby Foot softens our soles and gets our feet sandal-ready. The easy-to-use treatment booties are pre-filled with all-natural fruit enzymes that gently peel away calluses, rough soles and dry, ashy skin. This spa bundle accelerates and maximizes the peeling process with the addition of an enzymatic foot soak that preps feet for deeper, speedier exfoliation and a baking soda foot scrub that painlessly smooths and sloughs away layer after layer of dead skin cells. Refreshed and moisturized, your softer than baby-soft feet will last for weeks.


PREP: enzymatic foot soak for 10-15 minutes before treatment preps feet for better exfoliation 

TREAT: lavender-scented spa booties for 1 hour ~ just slip on and relax

ENHANCE: enzymatic foot soak 2-5 days after treatment to speed exfoliation

SMOOTH: baking soda foot scrub once peeling begins to slough away dead skin cells

• Peeling can last up to two weeks

• After peeling is complete, maintain and prolong your newly soft feet by using the 15-minute Baby Foot Moisturizing Foot Mask (08864) in between peel treatments

• Spa Bundle includes: (2) single-use spa booties (fit up women size 12 and men size 13); (2) 10g foot soaks, (1) 30g foot scrub

About the Brand

baby foot

Nothing is softer than baby's feet. The remarkable Baby Foot® collection of peels and masks restores your soles to the natural, caressable softness of your first years. 16 natural extracts and fruit acids (alpha hydroxy acids) smooth dry, cracked feet by gently peeling away the rough, dead outer layers and leaving nothing but moisturized, soft soles. So easy with zero discomfort.

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