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  • Cailyn Tapered Blending Brush Photo
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Cailyn Tapered Blending Brush

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iCone Makeup Brushes by Cailyn: Get Brushed with Greatness
Artisan-crafted collection of professional makeup brushes flawlessly covers all the curves and corners of your face (lips, eyes and cheeks) with foundation, color and contouring for a luminous, camera-ready complexion. Ultra-soft, cashmere-like bristles atop an innovative, magnetized steel stand keeps brushes clean, organized and perfectly shaped... always.

A perfect blend of coverage & precision.

Fine, firm bristles taper to a smooth rounded point for an expert final blend on your eye artistry. The perfect size to buff and blend any corners of your face.
· Brush 8 (Eyeshadow) in Cailyn's iCone professional collection.
· Ultra-soft bristles with a cashmere-like touch.
· Magnetized steel stand keeps brushes clean, organized and perfectly shaped.