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Erno Laszlo Detoxifying Cleansing Set

Item #08447 -
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Availability: Expects to ship 02/27/18

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Deeeeep cleanse. Skin detox.

The deepest clean you've ever had, lightweight cleansing oil and iconic Dead Sea mud cleansing bar work in tandem to rescue blemished, stressed skin. Clears clogged pores, dissolves impurities and removes all traces of makeup for a smooth and radiant complexion.

· You'll see instantly clearer, smoother skin that will get brighter and clearer over time
· Exfoliates flakes and sebum buildup to boost circulation and cell turnover
· Hydrates naturally, without clogging pores
· Balances oil production
· Visibly shrinks pore size
· Cleansing oil with charcoal deeply detoxifies pores, working to draw out oil and dirt
· Formulated of Dead Sea mud with 26 natural skin-loving minerals, iconic black cleansing bar foams to white as it lifts and eliminates skin-dulling debris and flakes
· Apply the cleansing oil first, then massage the bar over the oil for a deeply clarifying, hydrating cleanse that leaves skin touchably soft and smooth
· Smooth, clear skin ensures better makeup wear
· 2 fl. oz. oil, 1.7 oz. face bar