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Fillerina® Plus Day Cream

Item #08509 -
Choose your size: 1.7 Fl. Oz.
Choose your color: Grade 4
GRADE 4 SwatchGRADE 5 Swatch

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Wrinkle free on the daily. Deep wrinkle maintenance plan.

Luxuriously hydrating Day Cream enhances and prolongs the deep wrinkle-reversing, face-lifting effects of your Fillerina® Plus Replenishing Treatment 08511 (up to four months).

· Supercharges the benefits of the Replenishing Treatment to help fill deep wrinkles and tighten severely sagging skin on face and neck like injectable solutions
· Daily moisturizer features a first-ever blend of eight different sizes of Hyaluronic Acid molecules (your skin's natural plumping ingredient) to reach each and every layer of skin for the greatest skin-renewing action
· Day Cream and Fillerina® Plus Night Cream (08510) are great solo anti-agers, but deliver even more powerful Hyaluronic Acid building and plumping when used following the completion of the more-intensive Fillerina® Plus Replenishing Treatment (08511) 2-week regimen.
· 1.7 fl. oz. treatment
· Choose according to your wrinkle depth and loss of volume:
Grade 4 (deep wrinkles and sagging skin due to aging)
Grade 5 (very deep wrinkles and sagging skin due to aging)