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Frownies Forehead Facial Patches

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Description & Details

Smooth things over. Un-wrinkle your forehead.

No wrinkles. No needles. No chemicals. This all-natural patch works to reverse the worry lines, elevens and furrows aging your forehead. Retrain your underlying muscles to relax (like doctor's injectables) but without the pain of doctor's needles. Skin is so refreshed and youthful from the moment you take off the patch. With continued use, you'll see longer lasting results.
. Wear for at least three hours - for the best results, wear overnight
. A spritz of Rose Water Hydrator spray (09179) activates the wrinkle-reversing patch and helps it adhere to your skin
. In the morning, thoroughly wet the patch to gently peel off
. 144 pieces
Smooth out clean skin, apply the moistened (water activated adhesive) patch and leave it on at least three hours (Preferrably overnight). The entire line must be covered by the patch.
Natural Weighted Unbleached Craft Paper, Dextrin (Corn) based adhesive


A favorite in Hollywood for over a century, this all-natural, non-invasive wrinkle eraser delivers the smooth, ageless results without the cost, needles or toxins of doctor's procedures. A simple patch, activated by hydrating facial mist or water, Frownies re-educate underlying facial muscles to relax and naturally fade wrinkles and expression and frown lines. Wear overnight and wake so refreshed and rested looking!

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