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Hair2Wear Double Braided Headband

Item #09029

Description & Details

"I have to look good all the time. With this chic band, my hair looks instantly 'done'. It's a total timesaver. I can pop it on even when my hair is wet... wear it high or low... take it in any direction my heart (and hair!) desires." - Christie Brinkley

Styled in a sec. Braided headband.

Christie Brinkley's twist on a classic, this braided headband quickly slips on to easily elevate your hairstyle in mere seconds. Wear your locks long and lovely or sweep into an updo and wrap the band around your bun or pony. Match your haircolor with one of 8 gorgeous hues or mix it up with a contrasting shade. 

· Stretchy back extends from 20-3/4" to 22-3/4" to accommodate most head sizes
· Available in:
light blonde
light brown
medium golden blonde
medium brown
dark golden blonde
dark blonde
dark brown/copper hi-lite
darkest brown
Care: Soak in cool water for 5 minutes using mild shampoo and rinse, pat and air dry
Kanekalon vibralite fibers

No time for the hair salon? No worries! Christie Brinkley extensions are perfect when you need gorgeous hair to-go. Snap on some stylish bangs, clip in a one-piece hair extension, or pop on a perky ponytail. When compared to human hair, the high-quality Excelle synthetic fiber used to create Hair2wear extensions is exceptionally low-maintenance. Hair2wear hair extensions are made to keep the curl and color forever. Each Hair2wear color is made with 7 to 11 different shades including highlights and lowlights. This allows Hair2wear extensions to match nearly every woman's hair color.

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