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Himalayan Salt Stone

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Salt (therapy) of the earth.

Hand-mined and carved from the Himalayan Mountains, 100% pure Himalayan salt stone naturally promotes a host of health benefits, bringing your body into better balance by supplementing mineral deficiencies in our modern diet. Multiple therapeutic benefits include blood sugar and blood pressure regulation, improved circulation, muscle and respiratory system support and better sleep. Use the stone as an all-natural deodorant and transfer the stone's energy throughout the lymph system. Freeze or heat the stone and feel tension and pain melt away. Pass the stone across your skin to lightly exfoliate and feel increased energy throughout your day. One 5 oz stone.
As a deodorant, wet stone and apply thoroughly to desired areas. Dry stone when finished. After shower, wet stone and glide over skin. Re-wet as needed. Freeze the stone and apply to areas of the body for a cooling sensation. Heat stone and apply to any desired areas of the body.
100% Pure Himalayan crystal salt containing 84 naturally occurring minerals and salts

Spa industry veteran and licensed massage therapist Ann Brown's Saltability boasts 100% pure hand-carved Himalayan salt stones – an eco-friendly alternative to hot stone massages – sourced from the Earth's prime, original body of sea. With 84 trace minerals and elements, Himalayan salt has amazing holistic properties to promote good health and general wellbeing: balances blood sugar and blood pressure, improves circulation and digestion, supports muscles and the respiratory system, soothes anxious minds, promotes better sleep, lightly exfoliates skin and serves as all-natural deodorant.

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