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jane iredale Foundation BrushApply Liquid Minerals Flawlessly with Synthetic Makeup Brush

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Description & Details

A chiseled, synthetic brush designed for application of liquid foundation, gel or cream product. Allows application to difficult parts of the face such as the nose area and inner corner of the eye.

· Unique and thoughtfully developed as a superior option to natural hair.
· Specially designed for better payoff and coverage.
· No animal involvement.
· Easy to clean and dry.
· No shedding or breaking.
  • Imported.
Use dry for a heavier coverage of Liquid Minerals. Wet with one of the hydration sprays to apply a lighter layer of Liquid Minerals.
Taklon nylon.

Jane Iredale

Years before forming Iredale Mineral Cosmetics, Jane Iredale worked in film, television and theater. There she witnessed first-hand that the best makeup doesn't try to make a face conform to the latest beauty trends; instead, it enhances the wearer's natural beauty, allowing her own personality to shine through. Working with actresses and models whose careers depended on a clear complexion inspired Iredale to develop a line of makeup that's actually good for the skin. Originally sold only to physicians and aestheticians, her cosmetics are the gold standard in mineral makeup-a line so safe and beneficial for your skin that it's recommended by plastic surgeons and dermatologists all over the world.

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