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Nion Beauty Opus™ Luxe

Item #08299 -
Choose your size: One Wand
Choose your color: Pink/Gold

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Clear, radiant skin you'll ion-estly love.

This two-faced complexion device harnesses the cutting-edge power of ionic energy to deliver better results from your most-loved skin cleansers and treatments. One side cleanses. The other side massages in anti-aging creams. A must for the most glowing, beautifully healthy skin ever.

· Double-sided silicone head uses S-Ion® Technology and gentle vibrations to clean and lift your complexion, boost blood circulation, stimulate skin cell renewal, even-out skin tone and kiss your complexion with a radiant glow
· Kinetic Skin Cleansing™ side gently lifts dirt and impurities (no force needed) without stripping skin of essential youth-preserving oils and hydration
· On the flip side, facial toning ridges lift your contours and massage your serums and creams deeper into your skin for better anti-aging results
· Three speeds with a built-in timer to alert you when cleansing or treatment is finished
· Ergonomic wand with a bendable head to comfortably reach every crevice of your face
· Soft-touch silicone is heat-resistant, durable, antifungal and easy to clean
· Rechargeable unit comes with a USB charging base that's compatible with any USB wall plug adapter (not included)
· Waterproof for shower or bath use
· 5.5"
· Available in: Pink or White